Ina’s Chicken Pot Pie…

Let me start by saying this post is 10% fail, as shown.

Remember the mini-pie maker I was bragging about on twitter? “Lalala you gotttta get one la la laaaa I’m gonna use it every day for the next month!” This is it.

Do I blame the pie maker? Not at all. I blame the dough, which, by referral, was a simple, refrigerated (and brought to room temperature) store-bought Pillsbury pie crust. Imagine my excitement when the light turned off, indicated it was ready, and seeing that it was half raw, half burnt. Ended up cooking crusts separately in it, no filling, and chopping it up to create some sort of deconstructed chicken pot pie. I’m fawn-cy!

This weekend I cooked for a baby shower on one level of a dear friends’s house, and a bunch of men watching football on another level. It was kind of a dream, actually — I love very specific cooking. I spent the entire day beforehand prepping everything as much as possible — cheez-it chicken tenders marinating in hot wing sauce, pot pie filling (slow cooked overnight), oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies, a cake shaped like a rubber ducky that actually more closely resembled the twitter bird (a clear indicator I tweet too much) and cake batter popcorn. You will get all these recipes (and more for the Super Bowl) this week!

First up, the pure, hearty deliciousness that is Ina’s chicken pot pie. I used this recipe, a no-brainer since it has 733 reviews, averaging it at 5 stars. Tons of flavor, chunky veggies, loaded with chicken. Crowwwwwd pleaser! Also, it pretty much makes itself. Okay it doesn’t at all but I just want you to make it, alright??

Obviously I didn’t do the crust part of her recipe, because I am a genius who totally knew what I was doing with my mini-pie/big-nightmare maker.

Another great option with this? No crust. You can blame your laziness on being low-carb! It’s perfect. I swear it’s good enough on it’s own…like chow-dah.

PTP’s (poorly taken pictures) comingggggggg……NOW.


……my secret. Store-bought rotisserie chicken, or “roto-chicks” as my friend Melissa says. Anytime a recipe calls for baked chicken, cut up, this is my go-to. I LOVE roasting my own chickens. Ew that made it sound like I kill them. Could never. If you told me I had to hunt/kill my own food, I’d be a vegetarian, no doubt. But I love roasting chickens. But I would cry at the thought of slicing up my beautiful, slow-roasted chicken just to toss in a pot of boiling chicken stock. If I baby that bitch with sticks of butter as I hum to it, calling it my sweet love child while halfway in the oven, it is going to be displayed proudly, not cut up into bits DAMMIT! PS I truly believe this made it better. I used 2 entire roto chicks (LOVE calling it it that now) and included dark meat as well. Duh. If I could design a chicken in a lab (like KFC) I would totally design it to be completely dark meat. Or ALL skin. is that possible? Just layers upon layers of skin?? Writing this down now.



…frozen peas and frozen pearl onions! I know. A bag of frozen mini onions?? Kinda wanted to scream at the thought of having to find frozen mini onions. I mean, Ina can get super specific sometimes. Like, “2 tablespoons of Aunt Patricia’s tomato paste, heated in a quadruple boiler with Newman’s Own salsa instead of water just trust me I know what I’m talking about” and I’m all “Jesus ok that is really specific and weird but fine, only because your recipes are delicious, INA.”

Anyhow, found a bag of frozen pearl onions in a jiffy. Who knew they were a such a hot grocery store item? Made me feel all stupid and shit.



Like giving birth. The pain of going to Whole Foods on a Saturday night (you know it’s hell when there are 2 or 3 carts left to take) made it all worth while, little pot pie filling. Welcome to the world. Can’t wait to feel the pain the first time you refer to me as a bitch. Teenagers.

Enjoy with, as everything, a glass of red wine.