I’m mad at myself.

I started this blog with every intention of really cooking and writing every single day. But turns out that I might be busier now than I have been in years. And this rabid monkey keeping me up at night isn’t going to help me…it’s dark, as it was 3AM last night…be sure to turn your sound to normal levels or your house may crumble….

But then she can also do this.


Dammit you must take her bad with her good… Anyhow. Thank you guys for your patience. I really hate seeing the numbers on the blog fall. It’s depressed me a bit…and it’s my own damned fault for not posting! I mean clearly this isn’t about advertisers as I have none, and it’s purely for the enjoyment of you and I..but still. And I really like that you guys have all kinda come together in the comments. We all have a great common bond which I guess is different than the twitter thing. I will make it my goal to now do at least 4 or 5 posts a day, if not more. But if I don’t, please don’t call me out on it…I get sad enough about it as it is. And if you have any recipes you read about, see online, or just have in general, let me know and I’ll toss it on the site :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx