I’m back!

Damn Thai elf must have had his greasy fingers on my camera lens…

That’s my fam up there! Mom and dad up front and my sister and her fiancé. And mine too. My…don’t make me say it please. As a serious Seinfeld fan, I have trouble saying the word “fiancé”. This woman on it just kept running around saying, “my FIANCEEEEEEE, MY FIANCEEEEE….OH DEAR I HAVE LOST MY FIANCCCCE! THE POOR BABY!” Then Elaine, who is essentially me, gets annoyed to the point where she yells, “MAYBE THE DINGO ATE YOUR BABY.” Does it make sense? No. Am I traumatized from the word now? Yes.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. Last year, the queen came. The freaking queen! And this year, too. Do I ever get to see her? No. Does my mom wait around hours to catch a glimpse? Yes. Have I been asking and answering my own questions a lot already in this blog post? Yes. Should I stop? You bet.

A few things in this photo I would like to talk about. 1, John’s tan. It’s hilarious. And 2, santa is totally flipping off the camera. Also, santa’s helper seems deathly afraid of John deep down.

Anyhow, I’m home! Home, and going a little crazy. The perfection of the entire vacation — the Maldives, then to see my family, is really making it hard for me to come to terms with the fact that the holidays are over. And the PAIN of the jet lag…I can’t even explain. For me, it’s not just sleeping at random times…it is physically painful. I feel at my best around 4am and run around the house, trying to accomplish anything I possibly can in the dark, then, during normal, human hours, I am worthless.

My resolutions? I’ve never been the type to make any, but I have a few ideas this year….mainly, I’d like to have more energy and not fall into “funks”, so I guess that means a littttttle less drinking ( :( !!!!!!!!!!!! ) which should help all around (motivating for the gym has to be much easier when you aren’t vomiting, right?)  and I’d like to keep in touch with people better. More quality time. Annnnd I’d like to start taking advantage of things — the places I get to go — I want to really see them and explore. The people I meet — I want to work with them. The opportunities I am presented with — I don’t want to close my mind to them automatically.

I want to learn this year. Maybe in 2012, I won’t have a cooking show, or I won’t be Padma, but I’d like to at least learn on the way…

And I suppose there is the modeling thing too. I get to represent an amazing brand (can’t say yet, dammit) all year, one that a truly use and actually love — no, not Ciroc, although yes we know I love that too. Then Sports Illustrated comes out mid February, just a couple days after the Grammys, so that should be a fun, busy period like it always is. After that, maybe I go to culinary school in new york…oh man. Can you just tell I’m thinking out loud here? I’ll stop.

How was your break!? Did you get one? I hope you did. What did you doooo, where did you go, what did you eat, what are your resolutions? Help me pass the time as I lay in bed, wide awake at night! I’m interested…you guys hear about me enough on here.

Happy to be home : )