I just bought this…

…and I could not be more excited for its arrival!

The All-Clad Indoor Electric Grill. Can you imagine all the wonderful things you can make on this puppy? Especially since summer is ending (I am such a pessimist) and those nice BBQ’s outside are gonna have to hit the sack in the storage unit soon.

I’ve had a few George Foreman’s in my day, but I love how this let’s you control and see each part of the cooking process. I dunno. George is cool and all, but I don’t really want him doing ALL the work, you know?

That slit in the middle? All the greasy deliciousness falls through there, to be caught by the drawer below. A drawer full of fatty, flavorful deliciousness to cook your bacon and eggs with in the morning.

My only issue with this thing is that they ALSO sell the griddle version for pancakes and eggs, etc, which is essentially the same exact freaking thing with flat plates rather than….grill-y ones…i don’t know, but you get it right? How about you just make them flat on on side, then grill-y looking on the other! DAMMIT! I mean, I know this exists in the world and I could have bought it but hey…I get excited, buy, thennnn my concerns come to light. Or could they AT LEAST just sell flat plates as an “upsell” item rather than a whole other entire gadget with flat panels? Curses, All-Clad!

Anyhow. It’s on sale at Williams Sonoma right now. You know, the place where you always feel like you’re gonna break shit.

Regular, $400.00. Now, $299.99. I think it’s a good purchase for year-round usage!