I hate fish.

…at least I USED to hate fish. This low-carb crap (which is going amazingly well, by the way) has me looking for energy in other places, and fish is obviously great for this.

If I have the choice of fish or steak, you bet your ass I am going steak every time. Pasta or fish? Pasta every time. There is no fish meal that will satisfy me like meatballs or a roasted chicken or a freaking hamburger. That is just not how I operate.

But a beautiful branzino certainly helps…


Branzino with sauteed veggies from Bar Italia, far from our grungy but lovable east village. For the record, I don’t normally have lunch at such fancy places, but when John and I are actually together and he’s not in a mad rush somewhere, it’s nice to actually have a mini mid-day date, especially if you won’t see each other for a week. I’m usually eating lunch from bed or with farts mcgee bulldog somewhere.

Lightly pan fried and delicious, on most Italian menus. Go for it. It makes you forget about hamburgers. Not about pasta though. Not. About. Pasta.