I Can’t Move.

I’m so full. Truly. And not the “happy full” that I am after a good meal. Bad full. Need-to-go-back-to-low-carb-for-a-bit full. I feel icky.

Pork belly. Chipotle chicken. Cheese dip with toasted french bread. Apple dumplings with pumpkin pie ice cream. Guacamole. Cinnamon blondies. Chocolate chip blondies. Chili. I consumed all this yesterday with beer, tequila, vodka and wine.

I have raised, deep purple blisters on my wrists from quickly removing baking trays out of the oven. I grated off my right pinky knuckle while grating cabbage — and if you’re wondering, I tossed it shortly after I made it into a finger slaw. I seared my elbow on my indoor grill after bragging about how quickly it reaches maximum temperature. And pippa successfully scratched the left side of my face pretty badly while running full speed from her play pen to my bed while I was in a deep sleep. In short, I look like a hollywood boulevard meth head. In shorter, any Lohan.

I woke up bright and early to start curing the pork belly…now my GO-TO boy-pleaser for football sundays…


John seasoned his chili…


I made a new batch of my chipotle marinade (those freezer bags went FAST)…


Then I worked on the little starters as well as 4 different desserts (only 3 were suitable for actual consumption) for our dear friend’s pumpkin-carving-contest party where her more-than-gorgeous daughter was the judge. She is like….2. What were my teammates and I thinking carving something like this and thinking we WOULDN’T scare the shit out of this poor little girl and send her bawling, burying her head into her father’s arms?



Man. Talk about not knowing your audience.

Anyhow, I will definitely be posting some recipes from that list above this week, mainly, that delicious cheese dip recipe from my friend Melissa, (swiss, cream cheese, and MIRACLE WHIP!, and the apple dumplings  – you will die at how delicious AND easy they were. Easily the best dessert I’ve made in a while. But for now, I am……just full. Full, and kind of in pain. But not in as much pain as my little girl Pippa, who has an infection that even IIIIII can’t discuss on this food blog.

I’ll be traveling and working a lot this week, which oddly enough equals a lot of downtime :) Can’t wait to share a few recipes with you.