Home means that life goes back to putting my chipotle marinade on at least 4 meals a week.

Sometimes I randomly crave it in the middle of the night, so I order a 5 dollar chicken breast from the corner diner and cut it up, lightly saute’ing it on a scoop of frozen marinade, since I make and freeze bags upon bags at a time. That has kind of become my late night snack. Good on veggies, too.

This post is basically just an excuse to post it again, because every time I mention it on twitter, 90 people say, “huhhh what where’s the recipe?? and you have a blog?” HOW DARE YOU ASK ME SUCH LOGICAL, ANGERING QUESTIONS, NEW FOLLOWERS!

And if you have made it recently and it was too hot for you, remember to read this whole post, even after you link to the other site about the recipe. I tried to add some tips!