Grilled Green Onion Chicken Teriyaki Skewers? Clearly I made that up.

I am really bad at recipe / blog post titles. I always wanna get extra detailed so you know what you’re in for, but then I end up sounding like a used car salesman.

Anyhow, I was gettin my nails did and came across this lovely Paula Deen recipe in People magazine. This was post-diabetes scandal, hence the seemingly healthiness of this recipe. And PS. I have an important shoot in October. One that will make cooking school ABSOLUTELY PAINFUL. Seriously. All day long, people just bring you shit to try and give your feedback on. “Chrissy, what do you think about this shrimp slider? Is the bread too soft?”. “Chrissy, is this Korean nacho platter too sweet?”. GET AWAY FROM ME, DELICIOUS MONSTERS!

Never trust a skinny chef. I don’t want to be sending food away with the wave of my hand — that’s just not me. I try EVERYTHING. But something I DO have to believe in, for the next few months at least, is a fit, happy person. So I’m working on it. The balance of food happiness, fulfilling all your cravings while remaining sexy and healthy. Recipes like this don’t hurt….this is yummy, I swear. The  prep is quick, the chicken is moist and flavorful and the grilled green onion provides a nice little bite. And let’s face it. Sriracha hot sauce makes everything better.

I made a ton and kept em in the fridge to snack on before bedtime. With my nuts and dried berries. God dieting turns you into a fucking rabbit / squirrel. Basically the lamest animals at the zoo.




Ridiculously easy recipe here!