Fried Chickennnnnnnnnn


I have 3 favorite dishes.

Scalloped potatoes. Preferably my mom’s.

Chicken pot pie. Preferably Ina’s orrrr who am I kidding, Marie Callender’s.

Fried chicken. Preferably John’s.

One of the hardest and best things about school is that they’re trying to teach me to be inventive and more creative. Basically it’s obvious I love cooking, and love cooking other people’s recipes. But it’s time for that to change. Time to create and have recipes that people post and credit (maybe) to meeeee!? The idea seems insane to me but it’s actually a really fun process. Recipe writing seems scary and stressful and is notttt exactly something I am excited about. But the team I have is absolutely wonderful and I learn every. Single. Day.

The other day, we came up with the idea to jazz up fried chicken. Also, since I try to be low carb, maybe a flourless option? Kinda pointless, as fried chicken really isn’t too high in carbs — it’ll just shut your heart down and clog your arteries — but hey, why not explore different ways and have fun just for the hell of it?

Out came the pork rinds. We tossed a couple bags of them into the food processor and seasoned with salt, pepper, and some random spicy seasonings we tossed in without too much thought. Thennnn we popped the buttermilk and hot sauce marinated chicken into the ground pork rind mixture to coat.


Then straight into the fryer.


Aw fuck. As you can see from that naked ass wing tip, nothing stuck. But what was fried up, crumbly and salty and left behind, was totally deliciouso.


Upon tasting it, we knew this failed experiment would have to go somewhere. So we tried again, this time rubbing the pork rind mixture onto the marinated chicken and tossing it in the oven. The result, drizzled with a little sweet chili sauce, was AWEEEEEEEEESOME.


Anyhoo. No recipe yet but an interesting idea that I want to continue to toy with. Maybe throw some cooked bacon in with the pork rinds in the food processor? Cheese? Maple syrup? Bourbon? Bacon with bourbon? Wrap the entire chicken in prosciutto then coat? AHHH the possibilities are endless.

LET’S TALK FRIED CHICKEN. Your best tips, marinades, restaurants. Any ideas you want me to test out? This….these are the tasks I can stick with :)