June 11, 2015



Man, what a beautiful, beautiful place.

Since I’m still out of cooking commission, I’m feeling pretty worthless in this blogging thing….currently boating our way through Greece, trying to detox all the pasta we have consumed in the past week. How much pasta could two people eat in one week? Well let’s see…7 days in a week, pasta 3 times a day, (lunch, second lunch/first dinner, dinner) times two people, romantically sharing like those dogs from that movie I never saw because I was busy watching murder movies with mom yep, that young….well it’s a lot of pasta.

Also got to eat the best pizza of our lives there. OUR ENTIRE LIVES.




DFDkldjgldksjgsgkjdskgjsdgkjdsgj. The crust. Nothing will ever, ever compare.

I am dying to get an outdoor pizza oven in LA. I once googled if non-businesses can get customized pizza boxes. I tested logos (turns out my face is cartoony just as it is) They can. We can. This is my next goal in life. My goals are quite small but very filling.

But, oh yes, we ate more (I have no clue if anyone is interested in this but I figure since I was the loser taking all the pictures of things she eats, I might as well post em)

Here are some of the tastiest things that went down my eat hole in beautiful Portofino…

Crab salad…

Chicken salad which yikes this photo looks porny…


Another pizza because duh


And another


Spaghetti with clams, one of my most favorite dishes in the world. This was specccctacular. The spaghetti tasted like it would have been delicious all by itself. So salty and perfectly al dente. Made me realize how truly important it is salt the crap out of your pasta water. I can’t believe I didn’t use to do this. I make it snow into that pot now. Then that pasta water into the sauce to get it all nice and clammy? Oh baby. Everything, every part of this meal was just so flavorful.

Also, for the record, one of my favorite places to have pasta (usually linguine for me) with clams in NYC is Five Points in the east village. It’s so nice and spicy there. Aw man now I’m thinking about lasagna verdi Thursdays at Frank on 2nd avenue, also in the east village IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN YOU MUST GO!! Order it well done if you are a genius like me and love toasty lasagna edges okay gotta go change my pants now


Lobster linguini.


TO FLORENCE (already went but a little behind here eek)


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