June 11, 2015



We loooooooove Florence. In 2009, John and I visited Rome, Florence and Venice. It was off-season and I will never ever forget running around empty Venice, making out like teenagers in narrow little alleyways, freezing our asses off. I don’t think I even ever want to see it during a different time, it was just that great.  Years ago, Roger Ebert wrote the most beautiful open love-letter to his wife, briefly talking about how that was also their favorite time to go —  you know what, if you haven’t read it, it is just wonderful: http://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/roger-loves-chaz

Anyhow, while Venice was a definitely highlight of our trip to Italy, there was one more. The bistecca alla florentina – Florentine steak – at a little mom and pop restaurant called Pandemonio just across the bridge in Florence.



I have had 2 life-changing steaks in my life. This Florentine, and one at Babbo in NYC that made me want to bring the cow back to life, kiss it’s face and kill it all over again.


You were a good cow.


Propped up on one side by a spoon and pieces of bread on one side, the juice fills the edge, creating a pool of olive oily, meaty, salty deliciousness for you to dip your bites into. Oh baby.

ALSO RECOMMEND: Mama’s homemade pasta with special mama meat sauce (errr) SO WONDERFUL


Sigh. I miss it already. A night in Florence wasn’t even in our original plan but hey, it’s steak.


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