easy pumpkin spice lattes!

I knowwww I know. I’m on vacation. And although the heat and humidity is pretty insane, I’m still thinking of this .. the perfect holiday drink. One of my favorite sites, yumsugar, posted this super easy, super brief video on how to make pumpkin spice lattes. I, of course, imagine it being half Baileys. Oooo can you imagine??

By the way, hit up for regular ol’ grocery store spice section rigggght now. So many “limited” holiday spices! Along with pumpkin pie spice, I just got maple-sugar (would be so good sprinkled atop cupcakes or, my tongue) and vanilla-cinnamon before I left.

Of course, you could get these any time of the year at fancypants places. I pretty much just wanted to write the words maple-sugar. Fucking amazing.



ps, thanks for the photo, starbucks. (only click if you wanna know how bad their version is for you)

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