damn you, kimchi truck.

Usually for the last, cool-down part of my workout, I like to brainstorm all the things I will get for the next meal. Lately it’s been slightly harder workouts, so by the end of it, I can’t even imagine putting Shake Shack into my body (for now. just for now. that shoot. it’s coming up dammit)
I do my stretches and close my eyes and picture all the cold, fresh seafood on ice at Whole Foods. I picture me running through the store, for if I don’t, I buy way too much unnecessary, quickly-perishable food. I picture me juggling my lemons and wrapped up filet of halibut or catfish, dropping bell peppers and romaine lettuce, since having a cart only adds to the problem of me buying too much.
What I don’t picture is me walking straight out of the gym into the Kimchi Taco Truck. Sigh.
I had the spicy pulled chicken. It was great. No it was good. I dunno. I’m always so starving after the gym that you could probably give me dog food and I’d try it. Ok you’re right I’d try dog food on a full stomach. Whatever that’s not the point. If it’s around and your hungry, it’s worth trying. Great review, I know. I think I might just like the idea of this truck more than the actual food. But hey, I DID have the pulled chicken when there seemed to be all sorts of deliciousness on the menu. Getting a carb free bowl when there are korean beef tacos on the menu is obviously going to leave you feeling a bit unsatisfied.
I found my truck in front of the Walgreens on Astor Place. But you can track it here…. http://kimchitacotruck.com/