cream cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers with bacon and sausage and unicorns and fairies and vodka wait no vodka but everything else good in the world






One of my favorite food freak (I don’t love the term ‘foodie’) friends is Kris over at Young, Married, Chic. Not only is she beautiful, but her body is ummm out of control bangin’. Seriously, stop asking me how I’m thin. Thin is nothing. If you poked me, your finger would disappear into my flesh. If you poked Kris, you’re finger would break. And, if you’re a boy, your nose as well, because her handsome husband would not be having that shit. Just look at her site…bookmark it…enjoy it. You will love it. Would I ever steer you wrong?

Anyhow, we find ourselves emailing each other wayyyy too early in the morning, usually me begging her for the recipe to a photo she posted on twitter. And she gives it to me! IMMEDIATELY. And then I spend the day salivating and grocery shopping, or going through my calendar, begging for events for her dishes to be served at. Example: this morning she gave me the recipe for cake batter popcorn, which I will be serving at an upcoming baby shower. YUM. And YES you will have it as soon as I make it : )

BUT BACK TO THE CREAM CHEESE JALAPENOS! I made these for football Sunday and they…disappeared. I put em out, looked over, and they were gone. Kris didn’t even get to try any, she didn’t make it in time. But that is definitely for the best — they were pretty hideous. I had soooo many things cooking at once and sooooo many things to drink that hey, I schlepped em together. Next time, I’d clearly use more sausage. And I’d pop one into mi boca before putting them out.

So quick. So easy. SO DELUSHIOUS.

Recipe here, from my Kris:


  • 12 jalapeño peppers
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 8 slices of cooked bacon- chopped
  • 4 lbs of raw sausage

1. Slice jalapeño in half, length wise
2. Remove seeds
3. Fill the hole of the pepper with cream cheese
4. Place a piece of bacon on top of cream cheese
5. Ball sausage around the whole pepper, leaving the stem out on one end
6. Fry in a skillet with oil until outer layer of sausage is browned and cooked through

I mean, could it be easier? PS, I used hot italian sausage and squeezed it out of the casing, which, if you’ve done it, is just a terrible looking thing to do. Or erotic. God I hate that word. No one NOT creepy has ever said the word erotic. Anyhow DO IT NOW what are you waiting for!