cooking school — week 1


Just thought I’d take some pictures each day and show you what we’ve been up to! No recipes to post, but if you want to ask any questions, lemme know — these tasks and meals are all about technique! Obviously we had a lot of fun with chicken. I can now break down a chicken (never hitting the bone, ahem) like nobody’s business. Whatever that means.



Roasted chicken stock. Naturally, my first thought was, “why not just buy this shit?”. I learned my lesson after tasting. WORTH IT TO MAKE AND FREEZE.


Butter massage.

She’s clearly playing hard-to-get.


One of the things I wanted to learn, firsthand, was how to make chicken breast as delicious as I know thighs and drums can be. Chicken breast, in my mind, sucks. But now I know. THE PAN-SEARED CHICKEN BUTTER SPLASH. I will post it soon, I promise.


The left, a simple roasted chicken. The slut on the right? Roasted chicken with pastrami butter. Yes. Flavored butters, also known as compound butters. Also known as my NEW FAVORITE THING.


Tuna Nicoise. Tuna “As prepared in Nice”. France. Whatever. It’s healthy and John’s favorite salad and probably my least favorite salad but I am still proud.