cookbook cookin’


My apartment is just filled with cookbooks. They’re all over my kitchen counter, with kitchen aids and wine openers as the only things stopping them from toppling over. They’re also just in random stacks throughout the house, hoping to pass for some sort of organized decoration. Friends have given me countless books, and I LOVE them. I think I found myself with over 30 from my birthday party alone (along with a few kevlar no-cut gloves from the mandolin incident), and John got me an amazing, random collection of the year’s best-sellers for Christmas. Ohhhhhh, how I love opening up a cookbook. I’ve stopped buying cooking magazines because I can’t bring myself to throw them away and a little nyc apartment can’t afford to have piles of crinkly, year-old magazines laying around.

I always talk about having an enormous bookshelf in my future-kitchen (not possible in this apartment) just full of colorful, wonderful cookbooks. All messily flagged with post its and my own notes. I mean, online recipes are nice and sooooo easy to find and organize, but there is just something about a cookbook…COOKBOOK, COOKBOOK, COOKBOOK!

The point is, I have a rather….uneventful….week. It is my goal to cook one recipe from every. single. one. of my “received in 2011″ cookbooks. I will go through one each morning and pick a nice little recipe we all can try, post it, CITE IT, and hopefully you all will be so motivated by the recipe that you’ll buy the book and no one sues me for my little lowly, no-profit blog posting their recipe. Ya hear that? Lowly, no-profit, blog….

We’ll see how long this lasts. First one starts tonight!