Chrissy’s Top-Secret Whoopie Pie Recipe DONOTFORWARD

One of the best desserts I have ever, ever made:

Let’s discuss.

First of all, I cannot believe that I JUST bought my first roll of Silpat. I guess I have been pretty content with just using wax paper or my baking spray…but this thing is WONDERFULLLLL. It will make your cookie bottoms look so beautiful that you’ll want to serve them upside down. Find it here!


Ok so they aren’t perfectly round. By the time I mixed up the batter, I was about 6 glasses in. I schlepped that crap on the silpat and threw it in the oven.

Each little mound, while looking cow-pie-ish, yes, was perfectly fluffy and not like a dense cookie at all. Something I think we all look for in our whoopie pies? Oh this is me pretending we all eat whoopie pies.

Ready for the secret recipe? I am hesitant to share but I feel bad for leaving you for so long so here….


Pillsbury Whoopie Pie Funfetti Kit. Available at most grocery stores. BUT, I did replace the vanilla frosting with cream cheese frosting. AND USED MY OWN SPRINKLES.


So if you have 6 bucks and 15 minutes lying around, they were delicious.