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What is the Best Probiotic on the Market? (Guide to Understanding Probiotics)

Jump to a Section What Is A Probiotic?Probiotic FormsHere are some of the Best Liquid Probiotics:When To Take Probiotics?How Long Does It Take for Probiotics To Work?Can You Take Too Many Probiotics?What is a CFU?Do Men And Women Need Different Probiotics?Probiotics for MenHere are a few of the Best Probiotics for Men:Does Age Affect My […]

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What to Eat when you have Diarrhea?

You’ll want to aviod foods that are salty or spicy. So generally you’ll want foods like: oatmeal bananas bread or toast potatoes Rice is also a good choice. Remember that if your diarrhea persists you need to go and see your doctor. There could be a deeper problem that you need to solve. The foods […]

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What can a Doctor use to Determine a Patient’s Body Fat Percentage?

Well. First of all Doctors generally don’t need to do this, usually you get this done from a nutritionist or personal trainer. But if you get your body fat percentage checked from a Doctor they would probably use the same tools: Calipers Underwater Weighing Air Displacement 3D Body Scan   1. Calipers This is the […]

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