cake batter popcorn (!!!)

Don’t have much to say about this one, everybody. To be honest, posting the photos make me kind of nauseous. Not because it wasn’t completely and utterly one of the most delicious sweet snacks I have ever come across — it was. But holy shit, I ate too much. Really. I am not sure I can ever eat anymore again. Damn you, Kris! She planted this seed in my head and I immediately researched recipes. She is like a beautiful, sweets she-devil with these recipes!!

I made it the night before that baby shower, and snacked on it so much throughout the process that I found myself buying 10 white chocolate bars at the corner store (not even really made for melting/baking) and cake batter mix at midnight. Drunk, of course.

Can you taste the cake batter? You suuuuure can. I recommend NOT buying those fancy organic Whole Foods cake mixes for this one. The yellow cake mixes like Pillsbury has would be best. Funfetti, anyone? YUM.

I also still have red finger pads. I vaguely remember pouring the CRAZY HOT white chocolate / cake batter mix onto the popcorn and deciding it was a better idea to toss it around with my hands. The pain….pretty much excruciating. But I kept doing it like some sort of cake batter popcorn factory worker zombie.

Be warned: if you’re like me, you’ll have popcorn everywhere. On your shirt, in your bra, that mystery area between the stove and countertop where shit just falls, never to be seen again. But maybe you’re not like me and maybe you’ll make this sober.

Just a few photos, recipe at the end!! I bagged mine up into little baggies with ribbons. Made a great gift bag for departing baby shower guests!






Blue food coloring finger from making that stupid duck WITH THE BLUE BEAK why did I make the beak blue whyyyyyyyyy why why. PS that cake actually turned out to be delicious. And no, I didn’t even bring it to the shower. Dammit.

Oh! Also I didn’t use mini m & m’s like the recipe called for. I had them, I was just too drunk to remember I had them.

Yeah. I just got sick again. This will either become your addiction or you will be so completely popcorn hungover from it that you will never want it again. Either way, make it!!