Birthday cake!

I dunno if you guys were lucky enough to catch this real-time, but man, this was definitely one of the better things I have ever done in life…

As you may know, I went to Australia before my trip to Thailand, to join Brooklyn for her whirlwind movie tour (blockbuster, by the way. Number 1 in 24 out of 26 countries, holy cow. And never before have I cared about how well a movie did until my friend was in it). Erin, Brooklyn and I are notorious for our incessant, and I mean incessant group texting — if I leave my phone at home for an hour, I can literally come home to 55 unread messages. It was late one night when Brooklyn said “Come to Australia!”. Then all of a sudden, tickets were booked. Tickets I am not sure were booked completely sober but we were excited nonetheless. And it was one of the best girl times of my life. (girl’s trip times, not period times which I also call girl times).

Anyhow, just to keep the food blog on the topic of food FOR ONCE, Erin and I found ourselves in a bind when scouring the city for a birthday cake the same day of Brooklyn’s birthday dinner. This girl does not like people making a big deal out of her birthday, or really ANYTHING she has going on life which is why she is so grossly awesome.   So, naturally, Erin and I knew we had to do something a little over the top and completely disgusting.

After being laughed at by numerous bakeries, the last of which I told I was working for Rihanna and had to find Rihanna a birthday cake (“please help me I need a cake for Rihanna and if I don’t get one she will kill me”), a lie to up the urgency level (AND IT ALMOST WORKED), the genius that is Erin remembered screaming “KRISPY KREMMMMMME” on the drive in from the airport.

And so it was done. We ordered 10 dozen donuts through the concierge (Christian. We will never forget dear Christian at the Park Hyatt) and, hours later, we had our donuts. Brooklyn was in and out of the hotel room all day because of work, so Erin and I spent our time googling donut cake towers.

With the help of Brooklyn’s manager, concierge Christian, and bottles of champagne, we stacked up the donuts. Trust me, for a tower that looks like it has no rhyme or reason to its design, it really did.

“Uglier donuts on the inside!!” was our motto. The restaurant drizzled some chocolate sauce on it, and we were good to go. I think it turned out pretty great, right?


Anyhow, if you’re ever in a bind, I highly suggest this crowd pleaser. There was not one person that didn’t laugh as this thing was brought out. And no frosting or toothpicks necessary. Although one questions still haunts me. How do you order over 100 assorted donuts and NOT GET  A SINGLE ORIGINAL KRISPY KREME ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I love these two, I really do.