Best Bite

I think I’m gonna start doing something called “Best Bite I’ve Had This Week” which will mainly just be the best bite I’ve had this week. See what twitter has done to me? I feel the need to explain everything because no matter how clear you think something is, to many people, IT ISN’T. But please. Let’s not operate that way here, okay? You guys are awesome. Please stay awesome.

The only rules I’ve given myself for this is basic accessibility. No “specials” or “tasting menu” items. Just regular menu item dishes I would love for you guys to try if you come to New York or LA or wherever the hell it is that I have said bite. Capiche? I think it’s fun but I also think plucking hairs and squeezing blackheads is a great time so you’re gonna have to let me know if this sucks.

So for this first installment, I would like to showcase THIS small plate of deliciousness:

This is porcini mushroom risotto with egg yolk from Michael’s in NYC. The backstory on choosing this place is basically that my regular daily life right now, if I’m not actually shooting or taping or sleeping or eating or cleaning up dog poop or washing dog urine out of my sheets, is meetings. And since this “meetings” thing is new to me, and I find it SO exciting and intriguing when my agent, Sharon, takes me to an uber-midtown lunch meeting spot. This place in particular is FULL of regulars, and is just bustling with important people doing important things and discussing important deals. In return, I feel important! God I am easy. Anyhow, there is such great people-watching to do, that is, if you aren’t already in this “lunch meeting” type of world. And the FOOD is great.

So yes. The food. I hereby dub thee porcini mushroom risotto with egg yolk as my best bite of the week.  Creamy, perfectly cooked (overcooked risotto is my fancypants pet peeve) and the perfect size — it’s on the appetizers menu. And EGG YOLK? I think I’ve said before that MORE food needs to be blessed with egg yolk. I love it on the most random things. Pizza and salad especially. Ooh baby.

So there’s your…my…best bite of the week!


24 W 55th St, New York - (212) 767-0555