Barefoot Contessa

I am definitely not ashamed to say that I lovvvvve incorporating boxed mixes into my kitchen life.

There is nothing better to me than waking up early (kinda) on a Sunday morning and taking 15 minutes of my life to throw together and mix up some muffins or a coffee cake to fill the house with a skeet worthy aroma.

I don’t even drink coffee. Not for health reasons, it just does nothing for me but upset my belly. But I DO do cake and muffins and I have I never, ever found a mix collection quite like Ina Garten’s.

They aren’t easy to come by…I get mine at Sur La Table and buy about 15 at a time just to fill my pantry up with. But I beg of you…please go on and buy a collection immediately. They are to die for. Toss the box and lie. Really. Lie your ass off. Because no one will believe that your cakes, cupcakes, or cookies weren’t completely homemade. After a while, you’ll even believe the lie. And that’s the point where I am now.

I haven’t done a sweets post in a while so I just thought I’d tease you with this one, where I made a chocolate swirl coffee cake, care of the Barefoot Contessa, Ina, herself.





If you order some, pleasssse make sure you get the outrageous brownie mix, red velvet cupcake mix, pancake mix, blondies mix, chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting mix (one of my top choices), and sour cream coffee cake mix. Basically ummmm ALL OF THEM.

Get them HERE!