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I miss school.

9 Oct

Although it was definitely different for me to be buckled down in one place, standing in one spot for 3 weeks (I can hear a collective “fuck YOUUUUUU” from those of you with actual jobs), I really do miss my condensed, mini school. I miss both of my instructors — I don’t know how I got so lucky to be paired with two women who love food, have insane senses of humor and know their shit. I miss Cliff, the designer of my unique “fuck, she’s only here for a few weeks” program. A man who could talk about any one food subject for hours on end and never bore you. I miss the bustling kitchen and popping my head into different stations, annoyingly asking, “WHATCHA DOOOOOOIN?” to a neighbor making something my nose couldn’t resist inquiring about.

So, was going through all the photos, and here are some of my favorite kitchen moments, for no good reason…

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