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Mustard Roasted Potatoes

6 May

Sometimes I dunno what else to say other than “shit’s delicious”. It just is. And EASY as pie. Except why do people say that? I find pie impossible. Do they mean pi? Pi is easy I guess if you’re saying just knowing that number is easy but not really if you don’t know where it came from or why it exists. Maybe it’s phi? Maybe people in Phi sororities or fraternities are known to be easy? These are all college experiences I missed. Anyhow. Moving on.

Ina uses mustard in so many dishes that I often find myself making other recipes, from other cookbooks, and saying “this would be more delicious with a hinnnnt of mustard…”.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, will love this. I promise you. Whole-grain mustard, red potatoes, yellow onions, salt, pepper, olive oil and parsley is all you need.

Mustard Roasted Potatoes, here!

MAKE IT TONIGHT. And all week.


Provençal Lamb

6 May

Ooooh baby.

You know shit is serious when it involves an accent underneath a “C”…..which, ahem, is called a “cedilla” by the way. Look at the stuff I teach you! I’m like a one-stop shop for learning if you only care about heavy foods, accents, and how to go off on random tangents of complaints and insecurity. That’s all you need to know in life, right? I agree.

Let us start with the lamb….

Only a few things in this world make me feel like a badass. One is grabbing the tie of an overly-serious-about-his-job club bouncer or security guard and wrapping it around my fist as I pull him closely and whisper “go fuck yourself” in his ear (I’ve done this before). Another is hopping from one up-escalator to the down-escalator next to it in one foul swoop to save a falling old man at the airport and simply walking away like some freakin hero, no big deal, just savin lives here. And another thing that makes me feel like a badass? Holding the entire, butchered leg of something I would not have been able to stop petting if I had seen it alive, frolicking on a pasture, enjoying life…..oh god this is terrible let’s just get to it….

This lamb is a recipe I’ve been eyeballing in Ina Garten’s “How Easy Is That!” cookbook — one of my favorites. The recipes are surefire crowd-pleasers, visually beautiful and just plain delicious. The hardest part is coming to terms with the fact you might not be able to find something like “frozen, miniature white pearl onions” or “young spanish kale” or “medium grain mustard”…like wtf can you throw us a bone here? But it is up to you, my friend, to just say screw it and do the best with what you can find. It always works out :)

Let me just say now that if I were to do this again, I’d do it a hundred times better than I did last night. (that’s what he said) (sad face). It was about 2 pounds smaller than the requested lamb-leg weight. But this is something I always like to do — I buy less meat and make the same amount of sauce or marinade, thus making it FLAVOR COUNTRY. I figure no one is ever gonna say, “WHOA CHRISSY. This is TOO MUCH flavor, slow down!!”. And so far it has worked. But for someone not too experienced in roasting entire lamb legs, I shoulda stuck to the recipe, for my cooking times were all sorts of thrown off and I *did not* have a working meat thermometer. I know, I know.

Not my own recipe but I definitely endorse it, so hence it’s presence. As usual, photos first, link at the end!


So, since we are all about honesty here, I completely undercooked this thing. Probably had a lot to do with lack of meat thermometer, but I also figured the cooking time would be less since it was so much smaller. But no…I cooked it that entire time, and a little bit longer. So I carved the thing (the word “carved” being used VERY loosely here, I need to learn how to carve meat) and threw the pieces back into the roasting pan with the sauce and continued to roast until the meat was “as desired”. I love my lamb medium rare but this thing was BaAaAaAA’ing pre-carve.

There is always a way to save something :)

It was tender, juicy, saucy, and had suchhhh flavor — flavors that I wasn’t really used to tasting altogether before. Honey, tomatoes, garlic, thyme, MEAAAAAT….

Enjoy, and oh, ask your butcher to tie it up. One less thing for you to do. Concentrate on your wine, my lovelies.

Ina Garten’s Provençal Lamb Recipe



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