Texas Country Potato Salad

Texas Country Potato Salad sounds weird together. Am I wrong here? I don’t like saying Texas Country. You are Texas State, don’t try to get out of being associated with us! Or is it “Texas *PAUSE* Country Potato Salad? Anyhow. Do I love the name? […]


Bacon Deviled Eggs

Very few things please me as much as the egg. Well, my dogs. My dogs make me happy. Then there’s John of course but whatever, easy answer. BACON makes me endlessly happy, as we all know. Though I am not loving the BACON EVERYTHING hipster […]


Mustard Roasted Potatoes

Sometimes I dunno what else to say other than “shit’s delicious”. It just is. And EASY as pie. Except why do people say that? I find pie impossible. Do they mean pi? Pi is easy I guess if you’re saying just knowing that number is […]


Provençal Lamb

Ooooh baby. You know shit is serious when it involves an accent underneath a “C”…..which, ahem, is called a “cedilla” by the way. Look at the stuff I teach you! I’m like a one-stop shop for learning if you only care about heavy foods, accents, […]


What hurts? EVERYTHING. Holy crap, I am tired. I flew 6 times in the past week. 6 flights. 6 times experiencing TSA security. 6 times of airplane bar-boozing, avoiding the dreaded, “Soooooooo do you have a contact number?”. 6 times that I watched people crowd […]