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Apple, Pecan, and Blue Cheese Salad with Dried CHERRIES*

28 Feb

Oh god. Just typing that name made me want to make it for dinner tonight. And so it shall be done.

Just an odd, aerial view from that delicious dinner last week…

There is something so adult about salads with fruit, right? Is it just me? I mean, young Chrissy definitely preferred her a ranch salad with shredded carrots and a crouton or 3000. And up until a year ago, I still thought that that was my preference. But no. Especially not after this salad.

And can I just say how awesome I feel when I make my own salad dressing? Pretty awesome. It’s SO easy ANNNND it has the added benefit of being able to annoy people by saying, “I MADE IT MYSELF! THE DRESSING! I MADE IT MYSELF!” Which is always fun.

Omnomnomnomnom. And this is coming from someone who thinks salads are for rabbits and other demons.

Yep. Definitely making this again tonight. You win, rabbits / demons.

Apple, Pecan, and Blue Cheese Salad riiiiiiiiight….HERE.


*yeah. it’s cherries. not cranberries. whatev.

BrusselsSSSSSSSS Sprouts

28 Feb

The Pioneer Woman’s Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries

I have an unhealthy obsession with this woman, I know. If you ever hear that I packed up all my belongings and left New York for “the ranch”, you should probably call the authorities.

Hands down, the best brussels sprouts recipe I have EVER had.



Pork Chops with Garlic and Wine.

28 Feb

If I could alter the title of this recipe, it would be, “Kinda Ugly When Plated Pork Chops with SO FREAKING MUCH GARLIC and Some Wine But It Is AWESOME”.

I don’t have much to say about this meal. It was easy enough, although I do like to juggle a million different things at once by making a ton of other side dishes that allll call for your one oven at different temperatures. I enjoy driving myself crazy, apparently. It IS an easy recipe, as long as you don’t have too much else going on.

It was good. I’m always a bit scared of pork chops because they always tend to taste a little watery to me, no matter where I get ‘em from. But I think I used about 25 cloves of garlic in this (I’m a beast) and seasoned like a madman, in fear. And it was perfect. As I said in the post below, I paired it with that apple / pecan / blue cheese salad and the brussels (I’ll never get over that extra ‘s’) sprouts. It was the PERFECT MEAL. The perfect blend of flavors and just plain pretty. That salad is so, so pretty.

I’ll divide this up into 3 posts, this being the first….here are my pictures from the pork chops!

Yikes, see….that’s an ugly photo. I promise it’s delicious : )

Pioneer Woman’s Garlic and Wine Pork Chops HERE!

Let me know how it goes! xx

I suck.

28 Feb

I don’t know how else to say it. I want to post more. I have every intention of posting more. But those days of sitting in bed with a glass of red and all the time in the world have been so, so rare lately.

I think about you guys all the time. I come to read the comments, which are sparse now to say the least. The hits are down. I’m sad. And I don’t even get profit off this site so what do I care….well I care!! I like people coming here and saying they tried something and loved it! And now I have failed you…

I HAVE been cooking, too. Not as much as I’d love to be. It’s just the blogging part that has been difficult.

All these flights are spent reading cooking magazines, dog-earing corners for future use. I say, “oh they will LOVE this” when I see a recipe that makes me think of you guys because we are best friends and all. I’ve done alllllll these fun nights like “Watch What Happens Live” or hosting the E! post Oscar show or the chaos that is a week in Vegas for Sports Illustrated. But you know what is on my mind??? The food I get to have after all the bullcrap and hoopla. It’s all so much fun but at the end of the day, my thoughts go back to food. It’s like your friend who had some shithead boyfriend then she finally got a new, cool boyfriend but she sits up at night thinking of the asshole. Or is that just me. No it’s totally not me. I definitely am not sitting up at night thinking about assholes. Ew that’s gross. And food isn’t the asshole here. It’s the good boyfriend. So this analogy is just terrible I’m sorry anyhow…

I was in LA and here’s how the story ALWAYS goes…

John goes to the gym with his trainer, Malcolm. He comes home and I ask, “what are we doing for dinner tonight?” 90% of the time, John says he will be working. I yell, “MALLLLCOLM”. Malcolm comes out of the guest room. I ask Malcolm if he will be going to the studio with John, or staying home for dinner. And, not to brag, but Malcolm ALWAYS says, “if you are making dinner, I am staying!!!”. Sometimes he will even have dinner plans, then I make a frowny face. He says, “oh don’t worry, I can have 2 dinners.”

That’s what is so great about Malcolm. He loves a home cooked meal and he eats anything. The one thing he doesn’t eat? Avocado. Which I changed with my cheesy guacamole. I mean, it’s not quite just avocado, but still. Baby steps.

Malcolm knows not to believe me 90% of the time when I serve the meal with a warning. I am KNOWN for serving meals with a warning. Usually something along the lines of, “Okay now I’ve never made this before and I’ve never used saffron annnnd I might be a little heavy handed so it migggggght be a little sour…”.

He invites his friend over and together they play about 50 games of Madden (grown men) while drinking endless Hennessy. Actually come to think of it, that might be why Malcolm loves everything I make. The Hennessy.

I know to yell “DIIIIIIINNNNNNER” about 10 minutes before it’s ready to serve, because oh no, Madden cannot just be immediately paused. NO! Certain plays must be….played out. Clocks must…run out. I don’t fucking know but I’ve learned this is how it works.

Point is, I made the Pioneer Woman’s pork chops with garlic and wine, brussels sprouts (WHAT THE FUCK, IT’S “BRUSSELS SPROUTS”???? I THOUGHT IT WAS BRUSSEL SPROUTS life is over too much to handle) with balsamic and cranberries, and an apple, pecan and blue cheese salad. It was divine.

The point of this post (if you’ve been here, you know there rarely is one) is that I love cooking for Malcolm. He makes you feel good about anything you make. I love being in LA, in that kitchen. The second point? I’m sorry I haven’t posted much.

And for the record, yes we save a bit for Johnny.

Recipes to come!



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