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7 Feb

I’m sleepy.

I hope you all had a delicious Super Bowl! It was my life’s goal to make a big super bowl post, a la the one I did for Thanksgiving — but I truly just had no time. I started realizing that I was rushing through cooking, taking terrible photos, and DREADING going to the grocery store because of the countless other things on my mind. It wasn’t fun so I kind of just gave up :( But I do hope you got the chance to see my links to those bacon meatballs and other recipes on my twitter timeline. Judging from the photos I received, the meatballs were a huge, huge hit!

Here’s some pics of mine…taken by phone. Dogs ate my camera, remember…

So….just a warning….post-wise, it’s not gonna get any better now. For I am off to LA for the Grammy’s, then, for the third year in a row, I am forced to take the red eye home directly after to do all the press business that comes with something as massive as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The red-eye only sucks because you miss all the parties, but I’ve come to realize it’s the most hilarious flight EVER. It’s FULL of people who go straight from the ceremony or the parties, so everyone is dressed up, and more importantly, DRUNK AS SHIT. It is pure comedy to be at baggage claim in New York, seeing everyone come down the escalator, half asleep from the flight, in wrinkled suits or pulling bobby pins out of their hair.

We have an SI Swim launch in NYC, run around to every media outlet possible, then have the party (which we bring our luggage to) then immediately head to Vegas for a few more days of press and parties. From there I go to Miami for one night, then Orlando for All-Star weekend. NOOOO complaints here, I mean what a wonderful freaking life I get to live, just so much going on this month when paired with the hoopla of the Super Bowl, my anxiety levels are sky high. I only know wherrrre I have to go. I have no times, no itineraries, no idea what is happening…and I am such a planner so this drives me nuts…

That top photo? I’m doing that now. I know I was only in Indy, but man, it feels like jet lag.

I have a fashion shoot at the French Culinary Institute tomorrow. Will try to take some behind the scenes photos of that craziness. Let’s just hope class is in session.

Sorry for my neglect :( Miss you guys but know you’ll be with me through all my travels in spirit. Spirit = twitter.



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