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Peach and Whiskey Chicken

9 Jan

How good was this, you ask?

Well…it made John do this face…

Is that good? You know what? The more I look at it, the more I’m not so sure. This is what we like to call sleep-eating.

Jetlag is STILL busting my balls. For me, it usually starts a week after coming home. And it’s the same evvvvvery time. I get home and say “MAN! I am feelin’ gooooooOOOOd!” Then the following week I am watching brutal murders and solving crimes at 3am on Investigation Discovery. “Who the [bleep] Did I Marry?” has to be one of my favorites. It’s the same EVERY. time. “I had wished and prayed I would finna man and den bam he just came into mah life and i was like whoa i’ms gonna murry him!” Then the narrator says, “Linda and Roger were married a few weeks after meeting. She had no idea that the second they married, he would becoming controlling and cold…”. Oh you mean in the 3 fucking weeks you dated you had no idea he could be a totally different person from the sweetheart that shared his riblets at Applebees with you?? What a surprise!!

Anyhow, the point is, I had every plan in the world to create a normal dinner for John and I last Saturday night. But we found ourselves “resting our eyes” at 3pm, then waking up at 11pm.

Now, this dish takes 2 hours. IT’S WORTH IT, trust me. And an hour and a half of that is baking time. But since we woke up feeling fresh as a daisy, why not enjoy our night awake with a delicious meal rather than…I dunno….watch a show that matches sweatshirt fibers and semen.

Pictures? Pictures:

chicken thighs and drums getting a little sear action in some butter and oil…thank you kris, for the apron!

thank god this I knew this was raw inside. dish woulda been consumed from smell alone.

Adding some (a lot) of Jack Daniels to the onions…even IIII knew this was a lot of whiskey, and my body is made of alcohol.

recipe says to add your favorite BBQ sauce, ours is definitely Slick’s — get it here!

chicken back into the cast-iron dish and into the oven!

As that bakes, time for the veggies…

Roasted carrots, sliced horizontally and coated in olive oil, thyme and salt and pepper. Simple and THEEEE best, here.

Then, the sad part. There’s always a sad part with me…

Oh my! Look at all this delicious spinach! I sure can’t wait to sauté some spinach in some garlicy goodness!

Oh cool! I wish I had more tiny babies laying around the house with tiny spoons so I could feed them this tiny puddle of delicious spinach!

Sauteed it with some random cabbage from my fridge and added my ugly, yet delicious, carrots. I would give you the sautéed spinach and cabbage recipe but I’m trying to maintain SOME aura of quality food here so…no way. It wasn’t even up to sodelushious standards. I have standards! Can you believe it?

Back to the chicken…

ain’t it purdy!

aaaah. I love it when the chicken and the bone break up. hopefully they still remain good friends, for the sake of the spinach. Whose fault it was.

Need I say more? This is good. GREAT. I’m not kidding. It was so good that we ate it at 1am, and then I made it again later for football Sunday. It was attacked sooner than I could get a piece.

Recipe, of course, by the pioneer woman herself. Now giddy up!


(NOTE: I don’t know why I have to say this, but this is not the whole recipe. I didn’t take pics of me pouring the peach preserves in, no. Look at the link. Look. At the link. Thank you and enjoy!)

Herbed Baked Eggs

6 Jan

I mean….

…is this for real?

I am not sure I have had a breakfast quite so flavorful….EVER. I’m not kidding. This is on another level of mouth-watering-even-after-it’s-gone-ness.

My house….my freaking house still smells like it. This dish managed to cover up the smell of…..2 dogs. I will leave it at that. This recipe is just too good to ruin it with my talk of watery buttholes and mystery poopie cheerio stamps on my pillow.


Anyhow, it’s FRIDAY!!!! What does this mean?? It means you get your little tushes to the grocery store and get everything necessary to make this for a wonnnnnderful Saturday / Sunday brunch.

Prepare. For. Deliciousness.

Shredded parmesan, tossed with minced parsley, rosemary, thyme and garlic

A good ol’ chunk of butter in a good ol’ pool of heavy cream in a lil ramekin I’ve been dying to use for a year now.

…butter and cream bubbling and browning in the broiler. B b b b bbbbbbbb.

Add the eggs, herbs, and salt and pepper…bake for 5 or 6 minutes…

Oh baby.  Take it out and stare at it. Resist temptation to poke. This sucker is piping hot.

Toss a couple pieces of lightly (or heavily, who cares) buttered bread of your choice into the oven while the eggs sit…do not take your little eyes off of it!


A fewwww things: I overcooked it a smidge. If you like a hard yolk, 6 mins is the way to go. I did 6, plus it cooks in the sitting time. Will do just under 5 mins next time I think. And feel free to be sliiiightly heavy handed with the herbs, garlic, and cheese. I used a bitttt more than stated in the recipe and it was to die for. Also, it looked so freaking good that I didn’t even want to take the time to blow on my bite-filled spoon before shoving it into my face. The roof of my mouth is out of commission for a bit. Be careful out there kids!!

Another Ina Garten miracle: 

Video too, iffff you need it :)

ENJOY and send me photos!

xx (and quick note: I cannot thank you guys enough for the 200+ responses of sweet, sweet advice and awesomeness on the post below. I read EVERY word. I laughed, I cried (bawled, sometimes), and realized so many of us are in the same situation in life…all trying to figure things out. Twitter is nice to be snarky on, certainly. But this is my heart here, and I am so happy to have people like you in my little food blog community. Truly. Thank you thank you)

The Pioneer Woman

4 Jan

I spent much of my night last night, awake, reading a lot of your wonderful comments in the “I’m Back!” post below. Everyone was so sweet and I genuinely enjoyed reading everyone’s holidays stories and resolutions. Seriously, I laughed out loud at sooo many of them.

Then, already feeling a bit emotional, I stupidly went to one of my favorite sites to gather a ton of new recipes to add to my little desktop folders. And I will tell you why this makes sense…

The Pioneer Woman has one of my most favorite sites in the food world. I absolutely adore everything she makes, every flavor she uses, where she comes from, what she does. Her writing is funny, her recipes are easily laid out with some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen — and she even devotes a section to teaching her readers how to take better photos of their food. She gets hundreds and hundreds of comments and still somehow has time to help every single person who asks for it. She has one book, another on the way, and a show on the Food Network. ALL WITH 4 KIDS AND DOGS AND A CATTLE RANCH TO TAKE CARE OF.

And it all started with her site and her personal love for food and cooking for her family.

She is just…thoughtful, smart, funny, and just plain awesome.

My point here is that…that woman, Ree Drummond, does it so, so well that every single time I go on her site, I, without fail, start feeling like a complete failure. I say, “what the hell am I doing, thinking I can be a part of this food world??”….eyes fill up with water as I question and doubt basically everything, ever.

I have no credibility. No schooling, no true knowledge in any one aspect of food. I am an expert in literally nothing. I just know I love to cook. I love to have people over, I love to laugh and make mistakes and drink wine while doing it. I love to travel, try new things, eat everything. That’s all I have. And while that sounds nice, I want to be knowledgeable…to gain the kind of respect from people that this pioneer woman has gained from me.

So as the sun came up, I found myself googling different food-world idols of mine, literally looking for any kind of career guidance. Paula, Ina, Padma, Giada…what the hell did they do to get to where they are? And I learned a lot. Giada, for instance, worked her ass off, going to culinary school in France and then working at restaurants all throughout  Los Angeles, then was a food stylist at the Food Network. Now she, of course, has multiple books, a line of kitchen supplies, her own show, and sooooo much more.

But she is a true chef-chef. I know I don’t want to be a chef. I don’t want to run around like a crazy person, “on the line”. I would just crumble in seconds.

So then came Padma. Oh how I’d love to be Padma. Not much of a background in food apparently, but a strong passion for spices and food in general. She’s pretty much an expert in flavors and spices. Obsessed. With. Spices. Also speaks like, 5 languages, which probably helps….somehow….. Sheesh. I speak 1.4 languages…i wonder if that matters…i knew i should have taken more languages in school…or actually finished college and taken some language courses there…or better yet a freakin culinary school…yeah that woulda been smart since i loved it and all…why did i not go to culinary school again….

This is how I’ve been talking to myself lately.

Then I just had to stop. And think about where to start. And it is there that I am lost.

Culinary school means dropping everything. That’s scary. I’m never scared, really. Those “The Devil Inside” promos? I laugh during them. I fall asleep to dead bodies on Investigation Discovery nightly. Being called a model is pretty much all I know. No more modeling (which I don’t do much of anymore anyhow), which would mean no more Sports Illustrated that I ADORE, which means no more year-long endorsements and exposure that leads to fun tv spots that are the core of my work now. But will culinary school just teach me to work a real-life professional kitchen without true knowledge of the food I love? I don’t want that. But I do want to learn from the beginning.

Then what do I even want to specialize in? Everyone in the food world has their “thing”. Ina and Paula make me think comfort food, Paula’s with a bit more of a southern touch (of butter). Giada has Italian, obviously. And then there’s that damned Padma with her spices again. What would mine be? Bacon? Can you make a career off of loving bacon, garlic and onion? I love eating low carb, but it ain’t too much fun makin’ it. I am not a big sweets person. I do love dinner parties and serving others though….I love feeding people and making them happy. I love traveling and trying everything. I……LJDGLKDJSGLKADFHGF;KLHF;HK.

But if I did have a show, do I need to start having my own collection of Chrissy recipes? Recipes I’ve created? I am so proud when I do a dish entirely on my own, but it’s a lot harder than it seems, being that I can be pretty insecure while writing them, as I have no background whatsoever in food. DO I EVEN LOVE FOOD?? Should I just end up being one of those entertainment show correspondents, begging actual talented people for interviews as they run past me to an actual more-talented interviewer??

AM I DOOMED TO BE A REAL HOUSEWIFE?? Okay let’s face it, I’d love that — in 20 years.

Such is life after modeling. MANY great ones go on to act, host, work with wonderful philanthropic groups, have thriving careers in something they love. But many more of us end up going on to be wives with a jewelry-making side project (no offense, I would do it too if I had the patience and creativity and I wasn’t so loud and fun and awesome). Modeling is something I was never 100% interested in doing in the first place. I always have so much more fun with the goofy side of it, the camera part, the fun with the girls. The traveling. All of the behind-the-scenes people that are now some of my best and closest friends.

I feel, right now, like I did when I was 20 years old. Really anxious and nervous and hopeful and excited, but no idea what to do. And I am feeling like I’m wasting time.

I feel like I want to grab cooking by the balls but I’m one of those weirdos on TLC’s “Virgin Diaries” . I have no idea how to grab the balls correctly.

I guess this whole post is just therapy for me. More thinking out loud. And if you’re new, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this, you poor things. I hope it doesn’t come off as anything more than just a currently-insecure and career-confused girl, rambling. No complaining…no compliment fishing…no bragging…just thinking. Maybe you have a similar situation with life?

Did you seriously read all this? I kind of feel bad for you. I’ll make it up to you tonight. Ew not like that! With recipes, silly.

Well, you did get learn about my love for the pioneer woman, so it wasn’t a total loss for you : )

Visit her site here…..there is NO way you are crazy enough to get as sad by it as I usually do. She is amazing.

The Pioneer Woman

And no, I am not on my period.


cookbook cookin’

3 Jan

My apartment is just filled with cookbooks. They’re all over my kitchen counter, with kitchen aids and wine openers as the only things stopping them from toppling over. They’re also just in random stacks throughout the house, hoping to pass for some sort of organized decoration. Friends have given me countless books, and I LOVE them. I think I found myself with over 30 from my birthday party alone (along with a few kevlar no-cut gloves from the mandolin incident), and John got me an amazing, random collection of the year’s best-sellers for Christmas. Ohhhhhh, how I love opening up a cookbook. I’ve stopped buying cooking magazines because I can’t bring myself to throw them away and a little nyc apartment can’t afford to have piles of crinkly, year-old magazines laying around.

I always talk about having an enormous bookshelf in my future-kitchen (not possible in this apartment) just full of colorful, wonderful cookbooks. All messily flagged with post its and my own notes. I mean, online recipes are nice and sooooo easy to find and organize, but there is just something about a cookbook…COOKBOOK, COOKBOOK, COOKBOOK!

The point is, I have a rather….uneventful….week. It is my goal to cook one recipe from every. single. one. of my “received in 2011″ cookbooks. I will go through one each morning and pick a nice little recipe we all can try, post it, CITE IT, and hopefully you all will be so motivated by the recipe that you’ll buy the book and no one sues me for my little lowly, no-profit blog posting their recipe. Ya hear that? Lowly, no-profit, blog….

We’ll see how long this lasts. First one starts tonight!


I’m back!

3 Jan

Damn Thai elf must have had his greasy fingers on my camera lens…

That’s my fam up there! Mom and dad up front and my sister and her fiancé. And mine too. My…don’t make me say it please. As a serious Seinfeld fan, I have trouble saying the word “fiancé”. This woman on it just kept running around saying, “my FIANCEEEEEEE, MY FIANCEEEEE….OH DEAR I HAVE LOST MY FIANCCCCE! THE POOR BABY!” Then Elaine, who is essentially me, gets annoyed to the point where she yells, “MAYBE THE DINGO ATE YOUR BABY.” Does it make sense? No. Am I traumatized from the word now? Yes.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. Last year, the queen came. The freaking queen! And this year, too. Do I ever get to see her? No. Does my mom wait around hours to catch a glimpse? Yes. Have I been asking and answering my own questions a lot already in this blog post? Yes. Should I stop? You bet.

A few things in this photo I would like to talk about. 1, John’s tan. It’s hilarious. And 2, santa is totally flipping off the camera. Also, santa’s helper seems deathly afraid of John deep down.

Anyhow, I’m home! Home, and going a little crazy. The perfection of the entire vacation — the Maldives, then to see my family, is really making it hard for me to come to terms with the fact that the holidays are over. And the PAIN of the jet lag…I can’t even explain. For me, it’s not just sleeping at random times…it is physically painful. I feel at my best around 4am and run around the house, trying to accomplish anything I possibly can in the dark, then, during normal, human hours, I am worthless.

My resolutions? I’ve never been the type to make any, but I have a few ideas this year….mainly, I’d like to have more energy and not fall into “funks”, so I guess that means a littttttle less drinking ( :( !!!!!!!!!!!! ) which should help all around (motivating for the gym has to be much easier when you aren’t vomiting, right?)  and I’d like to keep in touch with people better. More quality time. Annnnd I’d like to start taking advantage of things — the places I get to go — I want to really see them and explore. The people I meet — I want to work with them. The opportunities I am presented with — I don’t want to close my mind to them automatically.

I want to learn this year. Maybe in 2012, I won’t have a cooking show, or I won’t be Padma, but I’d like to at least learn on the way…

And I suppose there is the modeling thing too. I get to represent an amazing brand (can’t say yet, dammit) all year, one that a truly use and actually love — no, not Ciroc, although yes we know I love that too. Then Sports Illustrated comes out mid February, just a couple days after the Grammys, so that should be a fun, busy period like it always is. After that, maybe I go to culinary school in new york…oh man. Can you just tell I’m thinking out loud here? I’ll stop.

How was your break!? Did you get one? I hope you did. What did you doooo, where did you go, what did you eat, what are your resolutions? Help me pass the time as I lay in bed, wide awake at night! I’m interested…you guys hear about me enough on here.

Happy to be home : )



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