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Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

24 Jan

When I posted this picture on twitter, I had no clue you guys would light up in a fury over it. Is that a term? I think I just made it up. Yeah I just googled it, I made it up. I think I merged different sayings? Like when people say, “it’s not ROCKET SURGERY” or “it’s not BRAIN SCIENCE”. When people do things like that…oh…I LIVE for those moments.

Anyhow, my point is, I now know your kryptonite. As someone who never had a sweet tooth, I’ve never understood the sweet freaks, just as I’m sure sweet freaks don’t quite understand my childhood love of licking on sticks of butter. There are things I definitely love — refrigerated gummy bears, sour straws, ice cream and popsicles (I sound 4) being at the top, but cake and cookies? I’ll eat it, sure, but my eyes won’t light up at the very sight of it….like they do for fried chicken. Oh baby.

Anyhow, simplest recipe ever. My recommendation? Keep it easy on yourself and buy the some pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough. Although, homemade is pretty darn easy. The recipe I’m about to post — would def just use pre-made dough next time. I had WAY too much to do to make em from scratch with such readily available options of cookie dough all over the place!

Some of my photos…not taking credit for this one :)

Okay. Why are they grey? They look dead. Zombie cookies. Reminds me of growing up, when I had Basset Hounds and it was my duty to poop scoop. Growing up in Washington, we had some collllld winters, but I never minded picking up their poop (we had an AWESOME scoop and I remember getting so excited that it was MY poop scoop) because the poop would be frozen and white and crackly looking, therefore super easy to pick up. Anyhow what I’m saying is that these look like poop.

BUT. They are good. Serve cut in half, and warm if possible. If not, ol’ Johnny boy taught me the secret of sprinkling them with a bit of water and popping the into the microwave for a few seconds (FEW or your house will smell like burnt choco chips) individually. But yeah. These are nothing if they aren’t warm.

I make a similar thing, using peanut butter cookie dough and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in a mini cupcake tin. Will share those later too! Thosssssse, in my opinion, are better….

Recipe here:


NOTE! According to the comments section, if you use pre-made cookie dough, you are likely to end up with what appears to be a landmind-looking cookie…no bueno! Make your own dough! Then toot your own horn all night saying “FROMMMMM SCRATCH!” at the end of every statement regarding the cookie. That’s what I do. I’m mature!



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