cake batter popcorn (!!!)

Don’t have much to say about this one, everybody. To be honest, posting the photos make me kind of nauseous. Not because it wasn’t completely and utterly one of the most delicious sweet snacks I have ever come across — it was. But holy shit, […]


Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I posted this picture on twitter, I had no clue you guys would light up in a fury over it. Is that a term? I think I just made it up. Yeah I just googled it, I made it up. I think I merged […]


Ina’s Chicken Pot Pie…

Let me start by saying this post is 10% fail, as shown. Remember the mini-pie maker I was bragging about on twitter? “Lalala you gotttta get one la la laaaa I’m gonna use it every day for the next month!” This is it. Do I […]


weekend recipe!

I love posting Friday recipes. Understandably, during the week, you all are a little exhausted all week from working, going to school, taking care of kids, etc. But I know that when I post on a Friday, I get to enjoy an entire week of […]



As you may know via twitter, I’m in London. So here’s a good ol’ fashioned traditional English breakfast… Honest question, english folk. What’s with the super scrambled eggs? How do you make them, how are they like this? I don’t mind, genuinely curious…want to try […]


cream cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers with bacon and sausage and unicorns and fairies and vodka wait no vodka but everything else good in the world

Oh… Ohhhhhh…. OHHHHHH BABY… One of my favorite food freak (I don’t love the term ‘foodie’) friends is Kris over at Young, Married, Chic. Not only is she beautiful, but her body is ummm out of control bangin’. Seriously, stop asking me how I’m thin. […]


Better with Bacon!

But really — what isn’t?   Sauteed the bacon before crumbling on top of the eggs in the oven, a few minutes into the bubbling and browning of the parmesan / herb mixture. I truly didn’t think that recipe could get any better!! xx


Peach and Whiskey Chicken

How good was this, you ask?   Well…it made John do this face… Is that good? You know what? The more I look at it, the more I’m not so sure. This is what we like to call sleep-eating. Jetlag is STILL busting my balls. […]


Herbed Baked Eggs

I mean…. …is this for real? I am not sure I have had a breakfast quite so flavorful….EVER. I’m not kidding. This is on another level of mouth-watering-even-after-it’s-gone-ness. My house….my freaking house still smells like it. This dish managed to cover up the smell of…..2 […]


The Pioneer Woman

  I spent much of my night last night, awake, reading a lot of your wonderful comments in the “I’m Back!” post below. Everyone was so sweet and I genuinely enjoyed reading everyone’s holidays stories and resolutions. Seriously, I laughed out loud at sooo many […]


cookbook cookin’

  My apartment is just filled with cookbooks. They’re all over my kitchen counter, with kitchen aids and wine openers as the only things stopping them from toppling over. They’re also just in random stacks throughout the house, hoping to pass for some sort of […]


I’m back!

Damn Thai elf must have had his greasy fingers on my camera lens… That’s my fam up there! Mom and dad up front and my sister and her fiancé. And mine too. My…don’t make me say it please. As a serious Seinfeld fan, I have […]