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19 Dec

Missing a bit of the Christmas spirit here. Would post a bunch of lame beach pictures but don’t wanna bore you. It’s gross, the water is black and smells like tires and the sand feels like those last bits of glass from a fight with your boyfriend you had over his work schedule and selfishness that fall under the counter that you can’t pick up then years later they reemerge and you’re all what the fuck I haven’t dropped a glass in years and I knowwww I haven’t thrown one for at least a month ouch this hurts I want to go home.

Not really. It’s gorgeous here. A little overcast. No, very overcast. But can’t complain.

China was first…wish I was awake enough to partake in delicious late-night hot pots hot enough to make my sinuses run, or even just gotten a chance to have a sit-down meal anywhere outside the hotel. But no…traffic (INSANE THERE!) provided me with only enough energy to eat at the above photo….a KFC. Which was DELCIOUS by the way. Extra-spicy extra-crispy chicken wings? Yes please. Always want.

Now in the Maldives, off the coast of Sri Lanka, in bed with steamy windows (not like the Titanic scene, just from it being soooo warm and rainy out), football / parks and rec on John’s computer and vodka sodas all around.

Hoping to do a few cooking classes this week! So my next post should be reporting back from that :)

Happy holidays everyone!!



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