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Shape magazine – My top 5 low-carb meals!

6 Dec

Ew I HATE being “this girl”, but hey, we all gotta buckle down sometimes for whatever reason.

Shape magazine asked me to make a list of my favorite low-carb meals, since I am a firm believer in NOT calorie counting — for my body type at least. Listen, I’ve tried EVERYTHING in the quick-weight-loss book. And trust me, I know it’s literally just a quick fix — but sometimes, that is all I need. I need to drop a few pounds quickly, then go back to normal life. Is it the most healthy thing to do? Probably not. I’m not a doctor but I still know that a consistent, healthy lifestyle is probably best. But is it realistic? No. We can’t be perfect all the time, I’d go bonkers.

Anyhow, some of the recipes have been posted here before, some have not. Check it out HERE when you get a chance!




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