cooking school…

Did another vacation cooking class! This one wasn’t quite as interactive — everything was already chopped and measured and chopping is pretty much our favorite thing ever. Pad Thai, Panang curry, and som tum, or papaya salad. Oh, I forgot I was gonna tell you […]


No words…

Anantara Kihavah, Maldives.



The fish we caught yesterday, grilled, prepared and brought to our room by the wonderful chefs here…   How happy and proud does John look here! Needing some new euphemisms for “delicious”. Wanna say it all too often! xx



Since we wake up at 3AM anyhow, why not sign up for some early morning deep sea fishing? The first 3 hours went something like this…   Not included: me vomiting from slowly rocking back and forth, at a standstill in the middle of the […]


easy pumpkin spice lattes!

I knowwww I know. I’m on vacation. And although the heat and humidity is pretty insane, I’m still thinking of this .. the perfect holiday drink. One of my favorite sites, yumsugar, posted this super easy, super brief video on how to make pumpkin spice […]


What I’m Eating…

Since I am not cooking, sigh, I now present: What I’m eating. I don’t know what this accomplishes for you, or if you even care. But there is some damn good food here that I can’t help but take annoying photos of… Shrimp with chorizo […]



Missing a bit of the Christmas spirit here. Would post a bunch of lame beach pictures but don’t wanna bore you. It’s gross, the water is black and smells like tires and the sand feels like those last bits of glass from a fight with […]


boursin and bacon stuffed chicken breast

You MUST make this. SO EASY and SO YUMMY! It was on my Shape mag low-carb list, and I just made it the other night for one of my best girlfriends as we watched the amazingness that is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I […]

Shape magazine – My top 5 low-carb meals!

Ew I HATE being “this girl”, but hey, we all gotta buckle down sometimes for whatever reason. Shape magazine asked me to make a list of my favorite low-carb meals, since I am a firm believer in NOT calorie counting — for my body type […]


Thanksgiving photos :)

Bit late, eh? Just wanted to share photos : ) no rants this time! Kind of exhausted from telling the “blackened turkey” story. Look at the photos of it in the deep fryer! Oh. So much promise. If you musssst have an explanation, it was […]