Just a reminder…

  If you haven’t yet made the pork belly lettuce wraps with mustard seed sauce I made (reminisce here:, you are such a disappointment to me. Buy my love back and make this now. It’s my most favorite recipe I have in my arsenal, along […]



I cannot explain why I get so excited about snow. Maybe I don’t actually love the snow as much as I love what it defines for me. Snow means I get to be comfortable with how I really am, which is pretty much a homebody. […]


I Can’t Move.

I’m so full. Truly. And not the “happy full” that I am after a good meal. Bad full. Need-to-go-back-to-low-carb-for-a-bit full. I feel icky. Pork belly. Chipotle chicken. Cheese dip with toasted french bread. Apple dumplings with pumpkin pie ice cream. Guacamole. Cinnamon blondies. Chocolate chip […]


This weekend….

  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far!! I started my Saturday out with a double bloody mary and for once, it didn’t have anything to do with being hungover. Been menu planning all day, as I am doing some baking for […]


pork. belly. ssam. night.

Yes, that is Jersey Shore on the TV, don’t judge us. Have you noticed that I completely type like I speak? As in, basic incoherent rambling with never ending run-on sentences. When I do. the. thing. where. i write. like. this., I am basically trying […]


Lemon Garlic Bacon CHICKEN!

Okay guys. LOOK AT THIS. Now, let me tell you right now that I’m gonna teach you how to make this. But you will first have to trust me and leave all your little measuring cups in your filthy little drawers (if you’re anything like […]


Prosciutto Figs

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of simple things. I like things that you have to really baby….shit that takes forevvvvvver. Tedious tasks. BIG flavors. Dishes where you can feeeeeel the work and love that went into it. Then I […]



Not many things better in this world than a hot, bubbling lasagna. So why did it take me SO long to make one? Basically the idea only came to me because of the fabulous writings (and doings!) of Kris from . She came up with […]


Thai Night: Part II

  Sounds like a cheap version of “The Hangover”, right? But it couldn’t possibly be worse than the second one, which offended me in every way possible as someone with a Thai background. I mean, I know I’m pretty offensive myself but holy shit, way […]


Thai night!

I guess that having that night I talked about earlier with my sister, the night where we Thai’ed it up for the boys, definitely inspired me to bury my head into Thai cookbooks to learn a thing or two. There is something about cooking food […]


South City Kitchen

So let me start off by saying this won’t be a full-on review. Because quite honestly, it can’t be. What kind of integrity would I uphold as a serious, unpaid, lowly wordpress journalist if I allowed myself to post reviews of a restaurant where I […]


Barefoot Contessa

I am definitely not ashamed to say that I lovvvvve incorporating boxed mixes into my kitchen life. There is nothing better to me than waking up early (kinda) on a Sunday morning and taking 15 minutes of my life to throw together and mix up […]


Yum Nua!

Title exclamation point highly necessary! The other week, my sister came over to deliver our wonderful demon Pippa back to us in Los Angeles (she lives in Vegas) because Pippa was too young to go to the doggy boarding place with her equally smelly brother […]


Stuffed Bell Peppers

  I made this ages ago and since then, the photos have completely gotten lost in my iPhoto. So thanks to a loyal twitter following of people begging for this recipe, I took the time to actually sort these babies out. Definitely not my recipe, […]


My camera…

I have NO idea why, but soooo many of you have asked me about which camera I use to take these blog photos. I am terribly insecure about the photos, because I truly believe I have no artistic eye whatsoever, so I am kinda thrilled […]


Best Bite

I think I’m gonna start doing something called “Best Bite I’ve Had This Week” which will mainly just be the best bite I’ve had this week. See what twitter has done to me? I feel the need to explain everything because no matter how clear […]


Lake Como

  I remember every single thing I ate in Italy. If I think hard enough, I can taste it so vividly that my watering taste buds end up tasting like tears of sadness in my mouth. John and I, for work purposes ONLY, created a […]