le sigh.

Vacation is over. After 2 hours of unpacking, I now find myself in bed with my farty, snoring bulldog. The closet is back to fully organized…everything back on the bathroom shelves (labels out, of course), and the hair extensions have been brushed, washed, and hung […]



Been putting off writing this. I don’t know why exactly, and yet I know exactly why. It was boring. And I never became invested enough to really care how this was gonna do anyhow. Basically I was in DC and looked out my window and […]


Stars! They’re Just Like Us!

They take one bite from each piece of fruit in the fruit bowl, leaving the rest to rot so no one else can enjoy said fruit. NOT NAMING NAMES OR ANYTHING. Also, in this week’s US Weekly, they actually have this “Stars! They’re Just Like […]



Where is the little monster, you ask? Well, I left her in Vegas. I wish I could say drunkenly, after a night of heavy gambling. Or that I put her up as my bet on the blackjack tables. But no. it’s a more simple reason: […]



Home means that life goes back to putting my chipotle marinade on at least 4 meals a week. Sometimes I randomly crave it in the middle of the night, so I order a 5 dollar chicken breast from the corner diner and cut it up, […]

the d word

the d word.

“Diet” is a word that I. Just. Hate. It’s not a word I have no experience with — it’s just the opposite. I have too much experience with it. And they make me so mad. Literally. I am a monster when on a “diet” of […]