Ok remember how I was gonna do a review on chicago deep dish pizza? I ordered 1 pizza from the top 3 places recommended to me on twitter and had a mini pizza party. I certainly remember. BECAUSE EVERYONE KEEPS REMINDING ME TO WRITE ABOUT […]


new grill!

Aaaaah well it looks like I’ve finally gotten around to using that grill I posted about a while back. And boy, it is amazing… I keep the left side on very low heat and move my finished short-ribs over to the side. The other side […]


damn you, kimchi truck.

Usually for the last, cool-down part of my workout, I like to brainstorm all the things I will get for the next meal. Lately it’s been slightly harder workouts, so by the end of it, I can’t even imagine putting Shake Shack into my body […]


the only upside of pork-belly day

  Searching NYC for pink curing salts lead me to a place called “Kalustyan’s” — a maze-like place with rows and rows of culinary goodness! Bottles of hot sauce line the store, and dried herbs, spicies, oils and flavored salts fill the rest. It’s pretty […]