That’s not nice, iPhone. After planning what, in my head, was going to be an epic make-fun-of-Jersey-Shore-while-pretending-to-hate-it-and-yet-giving-it-the-ratings-it-thrives-on party, it turned out that we really weren’t in the mood to..well..have a party. Which is great because it seemed like Jersey Shore wasn’t in the mood to […]


petting zoo takes Chicago

Puddy looks like a giant, no? Terminator? Still sitting so, so oddly. I love it. Also will this thing ever grow some knees? Swoon. You can barely tell she’s the devil.


chipotle marinade!!!!

chipotle baked thighs/drums from an earlier cooking night…. Why the exclamation points? BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF. Since discovering it, this is something I will never, ever NOT have in my freezer, stored in individual little baggies for multiple meals. I dunno […]


jerks and bacon.

Aaah so I am in one of my most favorite cities in the US of A, Chicago. Lollapalooza is going on so the city is abuzz with people that I’m sure would be considered annoying to anyone that actually lives in Chicago….isn’t that how it […]