Chrissy’s Top-Secret Whoopie Pie Recipe DONOTFORWARD

One of the best desserts I have ever, ever made: Let’s discuss. First of all, I cannot believe that I JUST bought my first roll of Silpat. I guess I have been pretty content with just using wax paper or my baking spray…but this thing […]


Does this make up for it? Kind of? A little? No? Well shit.



Sorry about that, guys. It seems that I have just totally neglected you all beyond words. Truth is, I’ve just been busy. Haven’t really had those sit-up-in-bed-and-blog moments, nor have I had real, exciting dining experiences, as I’m about to have one of my biggest […]



Ok remember how I was gonna do a review on chicago deep dish pizza? I ordered 1 pizza from the top 3 places recommended to me on twitter and had a mini pizza party. I certainly remember. BECAUSE EVERYONE KEEPS REMINDING ME TO WRITE ABOUT […]


new grill!

Aaaaah well it looks like I’ve finally gotten around to using that grill I posted about a while back. And boy, it is amazing… I keep the left side on very low heat and move my finished short-ribs over to the side. The other side […]


damn you, kimchi truck.

Usually for the last, cool-down part of my workout, I like to brainstorm all the things I will get for the next meal. Lately it’s been slightly harder workouts, so by the end of it, I can’t even imagine putting Shake Shack into my body […]


the only upside of pork-belly day

  Searching NYC for pink curing salts lead me to a place called “Kalustyan’s” — a maze-like place with rows and rows of culinary goodness! Bottles of hot sauce line the store, and dried herbs, spicies, oils and flavored salts fill the rest. It’s pretty […]


15 minutes

If you have yet to try the SUPER easy cajun catfish recipe from earlier in the blog days, you are missing out! Not only is it the easiest shit ever (I love recipes where the first step is “combine the first 7 ingredients”) but it’s […]


home. cured. bacon.

Hey guys! Here are my tips to help you make that home cured bacon I was talking about earlier! Ok ready? Step one: TRY TO BUY IT WITH THE EFFING SKIN OFF SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHAVE OFF THE SKIN AND THE NIPPLES YOURSELF. […]



I don’t even….I can’t….I have no idea what to even say about this place. It was like an amusement park for food lovers. Except instead of those overpriced 12 dollar churros at Disneyland, it’s a 24 dollar small wedge of cheese. I have been hearing […]


tour party!

Sade so generously threw a tropical themed party for the entire crew of the tour. Started right after she got off stage and apparently went until 4 AM. What happened to me being able to hang out ANYWHERE until 4 aM or so? I…I just […]



That’s not nice, iPhone. After planning what, in my head, was going to be an epic make-fun-of-Jersey-Shore-while-pretending-to-hate-it-and-yet-giving-it-the-ratings-it-thrives-on party, it turned out that we really weren’t in the mood to..well..have a party. Which is great because it seemed like Jersey Shore wasn’t in the mood to […]


petting zoo takes Chicago

Puddy looks like a giant, no? Terminator? Still sitting so, so oddly. I love it. Also will this thing ever grow some knees? Swoon. You can barely tell she’s the devil.


chipotle marinade!!!!

chipotle baked thighs/drums from an earlier cooking night…. Why the exclamation points? BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF. Since discovering it, this is something I will never, ever NOT have in my freezer, stored in individual little baggies for multiple meals. I dunno […]


jerks and bacon.

Aaah so I am in one of my most favorite cities in the US of A, Chicago. Lollapalooza is going on so the city is abuzz with people that I’m sure would be considered annoying to anyone that actually lives in Chicago….isn’t that how it […]


goooooooooooooood morning

Pesto eggs with mushrooms, and one delicious boyfriend. I hear the men leaving now. Please don’t leave, I need you guys!


and oh…

I made breakfast this morning looking like this…. Sweet Cherry Skin Brightening Enzyme Peel. Let’s blame my egg mess-up on this flesh burning concoction. Also yes. I realize it looks like feces. xx



So I made eggs this morning. But the whole thing was so easy that I’m even hesitant to post details on it. I feel like it would come off as me trying to give you this great new thing and you guys are gonna be […]


Not feeling well….

But just bought enough groceries for an exciting week of cooking! Mainly, the Italian-themed night I am hosting for Jersey Shore premiere on Thursday. Totally gross, I know. But it is a GREAT excuse to have friends drunkenly ranting about JS and eating some delicious […]