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Chrissy’s Top-Secret Whoopie Pie Recipe DONOTFORWARD

25 Aug

One of the best desserts I have ever, ever made:

Let’s discuss.

First of all, I cannot believe that I JUST bought my first roll of Silpat. I guess I have been pretty content with just using wax paper or my baking spray…but this thing is WONDERFULLLLL. It will make your cookie bottoms look so beautiful that you’ll want to serve them upside down. Find it here!

Ok so they aren’t perfectly round. By the time I mixed up the batter, I was about 6 glasses in. I schlepped that crap on the silpat and threw it in the oven.

Each little mound, while looking cow-pie-ish, yes, was perfectly fluffy and not like a dense cookie at all. Something I think we all look for in our whoopie pies? Oh this is me pretending we all eat whoopie pies.

Ready for the secret recipe? I am hesitant to share but I feel bad for leaving you for so long so here….

Pillsbury Whoopie Pie Funfetti Kit. Available at most grocery stores. BUT, I did replace the vanilla frosting with cream cheese frosting. AND USED MY OWN SPRINKLES.

So if you have 6 bucks and 15 minutes lying around, they were delicious.


Does this make up for it? Kind of? A little? No? Well shit.

25 Aug


25 Aug

Sorry about that, guys. It seems that I have just totally neglected you all beyond words.

Truth is, I’ve just been busy. Haven’t really had those sit-up-in-bed-and-blog moments, nor have I had real, exciting dining experiences, as I’m about to have one of my biggest jobs of the year and haven’t been able to enjoy food the way I prefer to.

I leave for the other side of the world tomorrow. I will have SO much to share once I get back, but for the most part, I’ll be operating on very little internet until September 2nd. Ah!

I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t forget about you, and your constant reminders to blog only make me happy…happy to know you really read and enjoy it.


I will miss you :(




12 Aug

Ok remember how I was gonna do a review on chicago deep dish pizza? I ordered 1 pizza from the top 3 places recommended to me on twitter and had a mini pizza party.


Well. Here is it. I’ll tell it to you straight because we are best friends.

It was a tie.


Okay so fine. I know that if you live in Chicago, or are from Chicago, or have been there once, you freaking love this stuff. I know it. I know it because you verbally mutilated me on twitter for saying it wasn’t my cup of tea, because I don’t like huge pieces of shit in my tea (aziz ansari). But this is MY BLOG and I. Don’t. Like. Deep Dish.

Which is why I will just post some pictures from the day. And you can see at the end which pizza became the lesser of 3 evils. Deal? Deal.

First? Gino’s East.

Ok, Gino. We need to talk. Firstly, what is up with your crust? If ANYONE wanted whack pieces of thick, flavorless bread that I’d rather discard than consume, why would you put SO much of it around a pizza? I feel like this issue could all be solved with a little garlic powder and…I dunno…A LITTLE THOUGHT AND CARE INTO THE RECIPE? I guess that’s just me. Secondly, what is up with your crust? Thirdly, what the fuck is up with your crust?

Next, Pizano’s.

Well mister Pizano. I’ve always wondered if it was humanly possible to have too much cheese on something. Since birth, my mind has been consumed with this single, pestering question. You sir. You made me realize that it IS possible. Anything is possible. And for that, I thank you. But I think it’s really cool that with what you lacked in overall flavor, you made up for in cheese. Way to balance.

And lastly, thank god, Giordano’s.

Alright, Giordano’s. I’ll admit it. You are physically pretty. But on the inside, you seem to be a little bit….meh. Like Megan Fox, or something. You are the Megan Fox of pizza.

Ok see why I put this off for so long? Because by the end, I cared SO little. It’s not my style. I didn’t grow up on cheese casserole with tomato topping. I just didn’t. So blame it on my upbringing.

For the record, Gino’s East won. It was like picking the best actor between Nic Cage, Keanu Reeves, and Nic Cage.

Congrats to all who participated.


new grill!

12 Aug

Aaaaah well it looks like I’ve finally gotten around to using that grill I posted about a while back. And boy, it is amazing…

I keep the left side on very low heat and move my finished short-ribs over to the side. The other side stays piping hot and my kitchen fills with the lovely smell of brown sugar and toasted sesame oil.

You can find the recipe from one of my earlier posts here:

…and don’t forget to munch alllll those little bones clean. It’s probably my favorite part. I also put a few leftover slices into a ziplock bag but they never made it through the night — didn’t even want to heat them back up. I have problems.

And yep, I am still doing best-by-date veggie fridge cleanout, hence the boring stir-fried veggies on every meal. I’ll have some different sides to make tonight on my PEACH CHIPOTLE GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTS. Oh baby.

Also, if you haven’t had mochi, you….I dunno….you’re probably a demon…orrrr you just haven’t run into mochi balls yet. My point is, try mochi — ice cream wrapped in a sweet dough.  I can never get just one box so here I have green tea, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and coffee. kjdzgklsjdgldksgdskgjlkgjd hungry again.

damn you, kimchi truck.

12 Aug
Usually for the last, cool-down part of my workout, I like to brainstorm all the things I will get for the next meal. Lately it’s been slightly harder workouts, so by the end of it, I can’t even imagine putting Shake Shack into my body (for now. just for now. that shoot. it’s coming up dammit)
I do my stretches and close my eyes and picture all the cold, fresh seafood on ice at Whole Foods. I picture me running through the store, for if I don’t, I buy way too much unnecessary, quickly-perishable food. I picture me juggling my lemons and wrapped up filet of halibut or catfish, dropping bell peppers and romaine lettuce, since having a cart only adds to the problem of me buying too much.
What I don’t picture is me walking straight out of the gym into the Kimchi Taco Truck. Sigh.
I had the spicy pulled chicken. It was great. No it was good. I dunno. I’m always so starving after the gym that you could probably give me dog food and I’d try it. Ok you’re right I’d try dog food on a full stomach. Whatever that’s not the point. If it’s around and your hungry, it’s worth trying. Great review, I know. I think I might just like the idea of this truck more than the actual food. But hey, I DID have the pulled chicken when there seemed to be all sorts of deliciousness on the menu. Getting a carb free bowl when there are korean beef tacos on the menu is obviously going to leave you feeling a bit unsatisfied.
I found my truck in front of the Walgreens on Astor Place. But you can track it here….

the only upside of pork-belly day

12 Aug

Searching NYC for pink curing salts lead me to a place called “Kalustyan’s” — a maze-like place with rows and rows of culinary goodness!

Bottles of hot sauce line the store, and dried herbs, spicies, oils and flavored salts fill the rest. It’s pretty insane there actually. I saw things I’ve never even heard of but decided I. must. have.

Go. Your mind will be blown. I counted 80 different delicious flavors of salt.

123 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016
TEL : 212-685-3451

Orrrr order online:

15 minutes

11 Aug

If you have yet to try the SUPER easy cajun catfish recipe from earlier in the blog days, you are missing out! Not only is it the easiest shit ever (I love recipes where the first step is “combine the first 7 ingredients”) but it’s so flavorful and you’re quite proud of yourself for having you last meal of the day not be pasta or potatoes….stuff that just sittttts in your belly as you sleep and turns into chub times. Really — if you gotta have pasta or a hearty potato dish, do it for lunch! I dunno, that’s how I operate at lease. Anyhow what the hell was I talking about again? Sometimes I literally have to look back up at the title I entered. Ok so 15 minutes, yes. Do it!

Catfish recipe here:

This time around, I decided to do what I call the best-by-date fridge clean out. I’ve had this bok choi sitting for much too long, and my bell peppers, red onions, and portobellos were looking a little on the “we’re going towards the light” side.

While your catfish is baking and is at the 7 minutes-of-baking moment (fully cooked at 11/12 minutes at the MOST even for a big guy!), heat your wok with a tablespoon or so of oil and  after it gets hot, add as much garlic as you love…make sure you get that nice crackling sound. I’m ridiculous and I use about 3 or 4 cloves, minced. Heat up the oil and garlic together on medium/high heat. Add the veggies and toss (I like to use a soft spatula to toss everything around gently). Keep heating until the veggies are at a consistency you like….I like my bok choi whites to be crispy but my mushrooms, onions and bellpeppers between crispy and slightly soft). If you’d like, do as I do and drizzle a bit of soy sauce as you sauté. Mmmmm me so asian.

Anyhoo. Garnish with some lemon (your catfish will be salty and this will cut it a bit and just add to the overall flavor) and you have a meal!

And before you say it, I suck with presentation. This pisses me off daily. But I swear, it’s good dammit.


home. cured. bacon.

10 Aug

Hey guys! Here are my tips to help you make that home cured bacon I was talking about earlier!

Ok ready?

Step one:


Step 2!

Work tirelessly until your wrists cramp to remove skin that you TRULY thought would be a lot easier to remove. Don’t forget to be super traumatized by how painfully difficult this is when paired with the fact you have nipples in your face. Also, go ahead and turn it into a race against time, for reasons completely unknown! This keeps things really lively and dangerous in your kitchen. Be sure to wear sandals or be barefoot as you slice because that’ll be one, greasy, slippery knife as you butcher! It’s super fun to take risks! Makes you feel alive!! Have a first aid kit laying around? Toss that shit out! First aid kits only ruin the fun that is making your own bacon!

Step 3!

Completely give the fuck up!

Congratulations! You have now gotten as far as I did with your home cured bacon!

Oh don’t forget to smile as hard as your face will let you as everyone on twitter tells you to “have the butcher skin it next time!”

Hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s lesson! I know I sure did!



10 Aug

I don’t even….I can’t….I have no idea what to even say about this place.

It was like an amusement park for food lovers. Except instead of those overpriced 12 dollar churros at Disneyland, it’s a 24 dollar small wedge of cheese.

I have been hearing amazing things from everyone I know about this place, and it STILL did not do it justice…

If you’re in NYC…just go. I don’t know what else to say. You don’t have to buy things to have fun. But you should probably agree to the glass of wine as you shop…

in the bag? that would be a dog butt.

I didn’t even need tomatoes. but this…this made me buy tomatoes.

have a hankering for a shitload of mushrooms you’ve never heard of? go to Eataly!

something I also didn’t need? 20 shallots braided onto a vine. bought it.

gotta figure out something to do with these now too. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

…someone isn’t quite as excited as I was.

they makea da mozzarella righta in front ofa you!

mistake: going during lunch time. cart-hating eaters abound.

this is where i had an excitement heart attack.

white wine makes me feel nauseous. this did not stop me from accepting.

a little confused about this cart situation. everything in the place was so beautiful and modern yet rustic and just…went. This? this ugliness made no sense to me. Although it’s one-handed turning ability (wine glass) was impeccable!

[insert large sausage joke here]

drugs and truffles. what arrrrre things you pay for by the ounce, Alex.

I return from my big shoot September 2nd around 3pm. I should be able to make it here, to this section, by 430.

explaining how large I need my pork belly to be. BACON CURING WEEK!

my “I freaking love this place” face

annnnnnnnnnnnnnything? *strokes beard*

got my pork! now I just need to find pink curing salts…which the butcher told me are “heavily regulated and hard to find”. heavily regulated?? this makes me want it more. and more of it. i will find you, salts.

someone woke up in the meat department. always hungry, this kid.

I. LOVE. TINY. BAKING. DISHES. goodbye money.

and finally, this spicy sopressata had no chance of making it home.


Eataly NYC

200 Fifth ave
New York, NY 10010
(646) 398-5100
Open Daily 11am-11pm

Subway: 23 St



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