Sometimes the best things in life….aren’t in Whole Foods.

Such a shame that Whole Food$, while being so beautiful and up it’s own ass at all times, doesn’t carry things that I get extreme cravings for. Example: These somewhat-new hockey-puck-sized  ice cream Reese’s Peanut Cups. Anyone had these? If they are anything like the […]


I’m mad at myself.

I started this blog with every intention of really cooking and writing every single day. But turns out that I might be busier now than I have been in years. And this rabid monkey keeping me up at night isn’t going to help me…it’s dark, […]



Do you guys ever send back food? As I sit here in the Gainesville Airport (I’m sure you are reading my tweets, since that’s the only way anyone would know about this genius blog), I am 1, EXTREMELY BORED, and 2, thinking about a terrible […]