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10 Jul

Here’s another traumatizing experience for you…Whereas the last one came in the form of toffee, I have another one I can’t help but think about every time I think of peaches…

I picked up a peach from Albertsons when I was about 15 or or so, and as I walked through the store, I, for some reason, rubbed it against my cheek. It was so soft and velvety and I was apparently on ecstasy or something…I mean, who else would do that? Anyhow I went home and saw that my cheeks had about 500 tinnnnny little red bumps and a little piece of peach fuzz was sticking out of each bump. Turns out those little hairs are so fine that they can actually be sharp on something as delicate as, I dunno, YOUR FACE.

So yeah. I’m pretty positive you don’t need to be told this in the first place but….don’t rub peaches on your face.

With that, here’s some peachy recipes from yumsugar  ….. but I also stumbled across these peach wontons on foodgawker, and they look absolutely freaking delicious. It’s sunday….don’t they just seem like a tasty little sunday treat? I’m not home, but you can trust that I’ll be making them this week, along with sea salt chocolate chip cookies (you’ll hear more about those later!)

If this picture doesn’t make your peach juicy, then I dunno what will:

(photo from Amy at…more delicious photos and recipe here!:

twix bar FAIL

9 Jul

What fun would this thing be if I only posted flawless, delicious recipes? Because for every 10 of those, there is 1 twix-bar monstrosity.

Remember how under “sausage links”, I posted the links to two different homemade twix bar recipes, one more difficult than the other? Well my dumb ass tried to be fancy and make the hard one. I won’t bore you with the details, but basically I undercooked the caramel, the most crucial part of the recipe.

This comes from a traumatizing experience, years ago, when I was making peanut brittle that I hoped would rival the peanut brittle of See’s candies (have you had it?? it’s fucking awesome). Anyhoo, the caramel/toffee started to brown very, very quickly and I got frazzled and lifted the pot over to the pan and attempted to quickly spoon it out….

The thick toffee made a lonnnnng string from pot to pan and, in my haste to just stop it from cooking, I grabbed the toffee string. It quickly swirled and IMMEDIATELY hardened onto my hand.

I picked it off (it hurt like hell) and underneath the little swirly pattern was dark, almost black, skin….IN A SWIRL PATTERN. It was brutally painful and literally scarred me.

Back to the recipe though….

So yeah. I undercooked the caramel this time around….maybe subconsciously, I don’t know. All I know is that it never even ended up caramelizing and yet I was somehow okay with this. I also seemed to be okay with the fact I could mentally gauge the temperature of the caramel, rather than use a candy thermometer. I poured it over the shortbread where it was supposed to harden after a couple hours….

….looks good enough, right? WRONG. It never hardened. Ever. I never got to bring it to the 4th of July BBQ. You know, the one where I of course told absolutely everyone going that I was bringing a delicious treat to.

We returned home that night and I immediately ran over to see if maybe after…8 HOURS….it had hardened up a bit. No.

So I popped that shit into the freezer and took a shower (it is 1am-ish, by now)….and came out and tried my hardest to make something of this crap.

Next step? Cover the crap in chocolate and refreeze….

…looks like chocolate covered twinkles, which would have been a much better idea.

Mmmmm yay! Shit logs!

Ok clearly I had given up on this one. Didn’t even bother to take more photos. I refroze the little bastards and the caramel was stilllll wet and oozing out of the chocolate. Boyfriend says it was still delicious (how can caramel and chocolate and shortbread not be, I guess) but it was still a very poorly done recipe on my part and not one I would take anywhere. It’s still in the freezer. I refuse to try it.

Moral of the story: Cook your caramel. Cook. Your caramel.


just the tip time

9 Jul

Wouldn’t that be a great Wheel of Fortune “before and after”? Just The Tip Time. Because guess what, it is tip time.

I don’t even know why I feel like I am the authority on cooking and kitchen tips, I’m not, but I do fall greatly in love with products all the time so make me feel useful by smiling and nodding at my tips, will ya??

My most favorite baking spray in the whole world, Bak-klene. One can of this guy, and you can have perfect fish, golden-brown pancakes, cupcakes, cakes, crepes, meatloaf, whatever! Seriously….way better than pam spray or oil. I got it at a baking supply store and I use a bit of it with every meal…flavorless and everything comes out so clean with the prettiest darn coloring you ever did see. TIS A MUST HAVE!

anti-theft lunch bags

9 Jul

I sometimes wish I had a normal 9-5 job, so I could have lunch breaks and better understand all the passive-aggressive letters in breakroom kitchens that I read on

But since I don’t, does anyone have a use for these? And if you have any awesome or terrible office tales, post them below! I absolutely love office politics.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags:

I just bought this…

9 Jul

…and I could not be more excited for its arrival!

The All-Clad Indoor Electric Grill. Can you imagine all the wonderful things you can make on this puppy? Especially since summer is ending (I am such a pessimist) and those nice BBQ’s outside are gonna have to hit the sack in the storage unit soon.

I’ve had a few George Foreman’s in my day, but I love how this let’s you control and see each part of the cooking process. I dunno. George is cool and all, but I don’t really want him doing ALL the work, you know?

That slit in the middle? All the greasy deliciousness falls through there, to be caught by the drawer below. A drawer full of fatty, flavorful deliciousness to cook your bacon and eggs with in the morning.

My only issue with this thing is that they ALSO sell the griddle version for pancakes and eggs, etc, which is essentially the same exact freaking thing with flat plates rather than….grill-y ones…i don’t know, but you get it right? How about you just make them flat on on side, then grill-y looking on the other! DAMMIT! I mean, I know this exists in the world and I could have bought it but hey…I get excited, buy, thennnn my concerns come to light. Or could they AT LEAST just sell flat plates as an “upsell” item rather than a whole other entire gadget with flat panels? Curses, All-Clad!

Anyhow. It’s on sale at Williams Sonoma right now. You know, the place where you always feel like you’re gonna break shit.

Regular, $400.00. Now, $299.99. I think it’s a good purchase for year-round usage!

Oh my! How did these get in here?

8 Jul

Meeeow. Baked cajun catfish.

8 Jul

Yes…still on this stupid diet which actually isn’t so stupid anymore since it’s actually working. I suppose it’s just stupid because I hate being the kind of person who has to say things like “instead of the potatoes, do you think you could bring me steamed veggies?” …GOD I HATE BEING LIKE THIS. I really do. Please believe me or I will strangle you. Even though I would probably strangle you either way since my body is lacking carbs which makes me terribly irritable.

I’ve found myself at home more, since I don’t go out for elaborate meals with friends and drink margaritas that cause me to have “second dinner” at 1am at some fluorescently-lit corner pizza joint. So when I find a recipe like this, that makes me forget those nights existed, I share : )

Found it from googling “baked catfish”. I’m a genius like that.

Here are my photos, then the recipe is below. REALLY ridiculously simple and completely satisfying.


ten minutes later…

..served with sesame-oil veggies and those chipotle shrimps I’m obsessed with…

Baked Cajun Catfish, recipe from


  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 2 teaspoons garlic salt
  • 2 teaspoons dried thyme
  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 4 (8 ounce) fillets catfish
  1. In a small bowl, combine the first seven ingredients; brush over both sides of fish.
  2. Place fish in a 13-in. x 9-in. x 2-in. baking dish coated with nonstick cooking spray. Bake at 450 degrees F for 10-13 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.

Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Blueberry Swirl

8 Jul

Does that title freaking KILL YOU or what??? Holy crap. I want to make these asap so I can eat a ton and have an intense, overwhelming feeling of regret causing me to cry into my hands for the remainder of the night and look to the bottle as my only form of comforting insecurities that can only arise from choosing a profession based solely on one’s looks. I meannnnn I uhhhhh…forget it…just make them….here!

Corn / I hate titles.

8 Jul

I find that making a title for each blog post is the most difficult thing about the very simple thing that is “blogging”.

For instance, this post’s general theme is corn but if I label it “Corn” it sounds like a chapter in a handwritten Amish handbook. Just know that this is something I’m working on, and for now, deal with my shitty titles please!

Anyhow, CORN! I love corn. Do you love corn? Corn corn corn. Anytime I’ve ever made a dish with corn, I end up ruining the recipe by eating it straight out of the can. YES, I use canned corn sometimes…most of the time….ok all the time. Who wants to boil and mess with fresh corn? I don’t have that kind of time! No actually yeah we all know I do have that kind of time but hey…I’ve found canned, whole kernels of corn to be just as delicious as the real thing.

For lunch yesterday, I ordered from Delicatessen in Soho, and if you haven’t been to this place, let me tell you — you are really missing out on being treated like a lesser person if you aren’t a stunning celebrity or something. Anyhow, it’s good…but I don’t really want to beg my server to do their job ever, ya know?

If you do go, and I’m sure I’ve just completely sold you on it huh, get the truffle creamed corn. It’s so delicious that you can actually feel your arteries clogging and hear the gentle sounds cellulite forming on the back of your thighs. just did a nice little corn recipe roundup as well…check check check it out:

Ps, did you enjoy my chosen corn photo? I’ve done a few (and by a few i mean too many to count) embarrassing modeling jobs in my day but I never had the pleasure of doing a halloween costume photo shoot. And I swear to you, as I type this…I’m vaguely remembering that…I did. Oh dear. So many repressed memories .

*10 points if you read “titles” as titties. I know I did, and I’m the one that wrote it.


6 Jul

Pretty much in love with this place, to the point that it actually pains me that it is so close to my apartment.

Their brunch pizzas (basically an excuse to eat pizza, early) are ooey gooey and skeetworthy with sunny side eggs atop their crispy little crusts. A pizza with bacon, sausage and egg?? klfjgkfjdglkfdjgldsfjg. Why must they spoil us so?

Also, how great is egg yolk, on really anything? I love when I order a salad and I get a little poached egg on top. I don’t know what it is, but something about the egg yolk just brings everything together so perfectly. I’d try it on top of ice cream if it were socially acceptable.

Love the atmosphere and cute decor of Pulino’s. Don’t attempt to take the (full) bottles of alcohol that your table will be surrounded by. Trust me, they’re glued.

Great drinks too. Go! The menu isn’t boring and they have magazines if your hungry ass wants to dine alone. Annnnd they deliver now. Actually the only bad part would be the outdoor seating. Asshole drivers can’t seem to grasp the concept of turning on a green arrow, causing insane amounts of honking as you dine. Also….it’s just an icky corner kinda….oh well. Can’t have everything.

Psst, I also recommend the blueberry pancakes, baked and served cast iron skillet. I am OBSESSED with anything that is served in the same dish it was cooked in.


282 Bowery (corner of Bowery and Houston)
New York, NY 10012-3674
(212) 226-1966


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