twix bar FAIL

What fun would this thing be if I only posted flawless, delicious recipes? Because for every 10 of those, there is 1 twix-bar monstrosity. Remember how under “sausage links”, I posted the links to two different homemade twix bar recipes, one more difficult than the […]


just the tip time

Wouldn’t that be a great Wheel of Fortune “before and after”? Just The Tip Time. Because guess what, it is tip time. I don’t even know why I feel like I am the authority on cooking and kitchen tips, I’m not, but I do fall […]


anti-theft lunch bags

I sometimes wish I had a normal 9-5 job, so I could have lunch breaks and better understand all the passive-aggressive letters in breakroom kitchens that I read on But since I don’t, does anyone have a use for these? And if you have […]


I just bought this…

…and I could not be more excited for its arrival! The All-Clad Indoor Electric Grill. Can you imagine all the wonderful things you can make on this puppy? Especially since summer is ending (I am such a pessimist) and those nice BBQ’s outside are gonna […]