Stop the presses.

Holy moly, this looks delicious: …and the name makes it sound even better: Spaghetti Con Proscuitto, Funghi e Asparagi…with cream. ME-A LIKE-E-DA THEES. SO MUCH. But alas. I have a confession. For the past few weeks I have been a dirty sneak. I hate myself […]



You know what’s lame? The fact that today I have launched this amazing, ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind, world-changing, life-saving food blog, and I’m not even cooking tonight because I’m seeing — get this — “Bad Teacher”. I figure it’s at LEAST the kind of movie I won’t […]


Ok, ok. Fine.

I guess this occasion of me finally having a blog DOES call for having an actual blog post, not just a picture of me eating bacon. This, is how I blog, and yes, I always have a fully set table. Oh the things you’ll learn!: […]


WOOHOO! First post!