15 minutes

If you have yet to try the SUPER easy cajun catfish recipe from earlier in the blog days, you are missing out! Not only is it the easiest shit ever (I love recipes where the first step is “combine the first 7 ingredients”) but it’s so flavorful and you’re quite proud of yourself for having you last meal of the day not be pasta or potatoes….stuff that just sittttts in your belly as you sleep and turns into chub times. Really — if you gotta have pasta or a hearty potato dish, do it for lunch! I dunno, that’s how I operate at lease. Anyhow what the hell was I talking about again? Sometimes I literally have to look back up at the title I entered. Ok so 15 minutes, yes. Do it!

Catfish recipe here: http://sodelushious.com/2011/07/08/meeeow-baked-cajun-catfish/

This time around, I decided to do what I call the best-by-date fridge clean out. I’ve had this bok choi sitting for much too long, and my bell peppers, red onions, and portobellos were looking a little on the “we’re going towards the light” side.

While your catfish is baking and is at the 7 minutes-of-baking moment (fully cooked at 11/12 minutes at the MOST even for a big guy!), heat your wok with a tablespoon or so of oil and  after it gets hot, add as much garlic as you love…make sure you get that nice crackling sound. I’m ridiculous and I use about 3 or 4 cloves, minced. Heat up the oil and garlic together on medium/high heat. Add the veggies and toss (I like to use a soft spatula to toss everything around gently). Keep heating until the veggies are at a consistency you like….I like my bok choi whites to be crispy but my mushrooms, onions and bellpeppers between crispy and slightly soft). If you’d like, do as I do and drizzle a bit of soy sauce as you sauté. Mmmmm me so asian.



Anyhoo. Garnish with some lemon (your catfish will be salty and this will cut it a bit and just add to the overall flavor) and you have a meal!


And before you say it, I suck with presentation. This pisses me off daily. But I swear, it’s good dammit.